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Kumkum Zee Preview Shakti Bahu Begum Spoilers Pragya comes to know about Ranbir’s arrest. She comes to meet him and assures him that he doesn’t have to stay here for so long. She says we all know that the girl did a mistake. She says the girl/Maya accepts her mistake or not, but priority is that you are not meant to be here. She adds that she will take him out of lock up somehow. Ranbir is relieved that Pragya trusts him. He wants to know about Prachi’s take about his arrest. Aaliya asks Rhea to go and talk to Maya, before Lawyer brings the bail for Ranbir. Rhea asks what shall I talk to her. Aaliya whispers something in Rhea’s ears.

Shakti: Heer comes to college with her brothers. The guys look at Heer. One of them tells that her bodyguard brothers don’t let them befriend her. Soham sees a guy waving his hand at Heer. Heer waves her hand in return and smiles at him shyly. Soham gets angry and stops his jeep. Heer thinks she has no friends in college due to her brothers’ protection. Soham beats the guy and makes him apologize to Heer. A new guy comes to the college and sees Heer. He falls in love with Heer at first sight.

He goes to the terrace of the college building and calls Heer, as the pink dupatta girl and tells that he has fallen in love at first sight with her. He confesses his love and says I love you. Soham and Rohan are shocked. Soham goes to the terrace and hits him. The guy falls down from the terrace, on Heer’s feet. She helps him get up and asks about his name. He says Viraj. She asks for his full name. He says Viraj Singh. Soham asks him to apologizes to Heer and not to dare look at his sister again.

Bahu Begum: Just as Noor and Azaan are about to start their new life after love confession. Shayra returns in their lives. There is confusion at her identity, as Noor has claimed that Shayra is dead and she had buried her body in the grave. Shayra tells that she is alive. Noor confesses that they didn’t get Shayra’s body, but lied to take Azaan out of the trauma. The show is soon going to end. Whom Azaan will choose as his life partner? Keep reading.

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  1. from way down in the carribean Trinidad and Tobago when are we going to witness good over evil it’s time to unfold the crimes of sherlyn, especially Mahesh


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