Kundali Karan stunning promise Kumkum Blame game

Kundali Karan stunning promise Kumkum Blame game

Kundali Karan stunning promise Kumkum Blame game Highlights Previews Zee Maya comes up with a shocking allegation on Ranbir. This shocks Ranbir’s entire family. Maya frames Ranbir after spiking his drink. She runs to take help from the guests in the Lohri party. She exposes Ranbir badly. She makes fake accusations, which worries Abhi, Vikram and Pallavi the most. Aaliya and Rhea get happy that Ranbir got accused and now Prachi will lose faith in him. Surprisingly, Prachi shows immense faith on Ranbir, just like he trusted her in the MMS incident. Rhea’s plan badly backfires.

Nimki Vidhayak Today: Ganga appears in Nimki’s dream. Nimki wakes up and feels challenged by Ganga. She tells that she will expose the evil Ganga Devi’s truth. She goes to meet Ganga. Mahua tells Tunne that Nimki isn’t at home. Tunne informs Abhimanyu about it. Ganga is happy that she will be becoming the CM. She asks Shankar to keep an eye on Ganga. She finds Ganga at her gate. Abhimanyu stops Nimki from going in and takes her away. Ganga thinks maybe she was wrong, why would Nimki come at night. Abhimanyu asks Nimki not to do anything impulsively. Nimki looks for some evidence against Ganga. She doesn’t find anything. Mintu takes care of Dadi.

He tells her that the house is exactly the same as she left. Dadi feels sorry to go without informing him. Nimki tells Abhimanyu about her past work. Abhimanyu tells that he remembers everything. Anaro gets angry seeing Mintu hugging Dadi. She stays calm. Rekha finds her behavior weird. Nimki makes a plan to take help from Shukla and expose Ganga. She feels the politicians are same, they are all greedy. Abhimanyu and Tunne find Nimki selfless and ask her to contest in elections. They want Nimki to become the CM.

Kundali Bhagya: Preeta awaits Sarla who has gone to meet Luthras. She wants Shrishti to call Karan once and inform the entire incident to him. Shrishti calls Karan. Preeta asks Shrishti to ask Karan to help them. She wants Karan to know her innocence in Mahira’s accident case. Shrishti wants to tell Karan that Mahira has self harmed and accused Preeta. Karan consoles Mahira on Kareena’s insistence. He gets helpless to reject Shrishti’s call in front of Mahira, who asks him if he will help Preeta. Karan refuses to help Preeta shockingly. He falls in Mahira’s words and makes a promise.

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    • Correct ekta why she is dragging sherlyn always winning, kareena bhuva always correct now Mahira. And the best part is janaki aunties memory is lost which is not yet come who is the eye witness for.all and I think Mahesh uncle’s business trip is not.yet.compeleted so he is still in coma.finally nothing is happening waste of time to watch

  1. High time both Kumkum and Kundali are Stopped. Enough is Enough. The same plots of Kidnapping, (the main targets being Pragya and Preeta) Terrorism and holding the Public as Hostages in Banks, Malls and Wedding halls, keeps jumping from one serial to the other, that is Kumkum to Kundali and Kundali to Kumkum and the worst part is all the Villans and actors are the same and no villain in both these serials ever get caught—Aaliya, Prithvi, Sherlyn

  2. See Karan I Said Many Times you don’t talk to Maira leave her Karen please go to the Police Station to Meet Dr Preeta likes you Karan you think About Maira Okay you think About Dr Preeta so I am telling to you Karan you don’t Scold for Dr Preeta don’t blame to Dr Preeta you just be careful keep it your mind Karan you tell her to get lost Form Luthra house Right Now itself you don’t Believe them Sheryln And Maira you don’t came to Luthra house Stay away and don’t came to Dr Preeta this is not Aroes don’t change Topic I Request Karan be Strong man Person Rishab Please Scold for Sheryln she did planned to the kill the Dr Preeta Rishab please Scold for Sheryln Properly don’t leave him and you Karan please Scold for Maira she did planned to the Dr Preeta Properly don’t leave him you tell her to get lost Form Luthra house Lock the Door okay

  3. Shame on you All The Family Special for you Sheryln And Maira I don’t like it Never I am not Seeing Face at All be careful Karan you can love to Dr Preeta Right Now itself and don’t waste the time okay Hury up you don’t wait for Family go Fast Spend time to Dr Preeta She will do Anything for Karan I hope you for God Promise Incepeter please leave to Dr Preeta Right Now tell Karan came you leave her Dr Preeta she will not do Anything for Karan ?Dr Preeta is not Aroes okay

  4. I think karan is the most stupid person in this world. Why is he not understanding that Preeta is such a nice person and his best friend. He should not trust Mahira This shows that evils win against honests.????

    • I think he got this award for his acting not for the story line.I agree they are dragging the track unneccessarily but karen’s acting is good enough and i think he deserve this award….

  5. Hieght of negativity. Can’t Ekta kapoor and team think of a happy stayory. Drags things in such unatural way just to make money .I am shocked the actor and actress to blindly agree to do nonsense role.

  6. Karan is such a fool…… I hate this movie… because he already kno shrylin is a big part to play but yet still he listen to her… everyone is putting down peeta

  7. Sharlin no aaj tak koi pakad hee nahi payaa…air Karan ek no ka befakoof dikhaya hai…Preeta will keep crying till her death.
    I think i should stop watching this nonsense…

    • Ye serial pura flop hain hamesha villian hi jeeta hai kahani ko thoda change Karna chahiye I don’t want to see sherlyn $ karan b coz karan is not doing anything for preeta

  8. No more watching kundali bhagya..fate up..its a waste of time…in life who will tolerate dat much of pain..no one will deserve to live.its really spoiling the mind of viewer.bye to serial.hopeless

  9. Karan is a fool coz he never understand preeta he alwaz take de two evil women like sharlin nd Mahira plans . I hate dis movie nd I will stop watching dis nonsense movie it’s a waste of time

  10. Jish time par karan ko jail hUa tha preeta ne uspe trust kiya tha aru uska saath dia tha…karan ko voh sab toh kabhi yaad ata hi nhi…uske liye mahira jesi psycho hi thik hain..yaha kyu female lead ko itna down dikhaya ja raha hain.kumkum bhagga main jo vi ho pragya ki character thodi si to strong hain.but in kundali…preeta hamesha roti hi hain.???

  11. The worst part of this drama that Luthra always insults Arora. In the serial evils always win. Now serial is no interesting.

  12. I never want to watch such a stupid serial kumkum bhagaya is better than such a worst drama kundli bhagaya I hate Karan Mahira and sharylin and even Kareena Ramona


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