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YRKKH Kaira major step against spoilt Lav Kush Goenkas are happy for Samarth and Gayu. Dadi tells that Samarth will get his own child. Gayu feels bad that Dadi never considered Vansh as Goenka. Naira consoles her. Gayu tells Naira that Vansh never got a place in Goenka family. She doesn’t want anyone to tell Vansh that he is not a Goenka. She is afraid that Vansh will break down. She shares her fears with Naira. Naira doesn’t want her to worry. Lav learns this truth. He shares it with Kush. They can’t believe this. Gayu doesn’t want Dadi to behave badly with Vansh after the baby comes.

Naira assures that she will not let anything wrong happen with Vansh. She wants Gayu to focus on her health. She tells that she will take care of Gayu from now. Kairav and Vansh don’t hear Lav and Kush’s talking about Vansh’s birth. Vansh gives them sweets. He tells that he wants a brother. Kairav wants a sister. Lav gets angry on them. He gets rude towards them. Vansh gets upset. Kairav cheers Vansh like always. Kartik and Naira get time for themselves. They romance a bit. Lav gets arguing with Trisha. He insults her for belonging to an ashram.

Trisha doesn’t give up. Lav wants to teach her a lesson. He plans to play a prank on her. Lav and Kush involve the kids in their bad plan. Naira asks them about the plan, but Lav doesn’t share anything. Lav makes Kairav throw the water balloon at Trisha. Naira gets hit by mistake. Naira doesn’t scold Kairav for his mischief. She doesn’t know that Lav is behind this. Kartik and Naira’s romance continues. He gets interrupted by family members. Trisha overhears that Lav and Kush planned the prank. She finds Lav a bad person.

Naira tells the family that she has to plan Lav and Kush’s birthday party in a grand way. Surekha realizes that Kartik and Naira love Lav and Kush a lot. Kartik feels sorry that Lav and Kush had to leave the house and live in hostel because of Kaira separation. He wants everything perfect. The family is very happy to plan the celebrations. Naira tells them that she loves Lav and Kush more than Kairav. Vansh tells Kairav that he will play a lot with the coming sibling. Kairav too wants a little sister. He runs to take his wish to his parents.

He breaks Kartik and Naira’s romantic moment. He demands a little sister, which reminds Kartik and Naira of their daughter’s death. They get too emotional and break down. Kartik consoles Naira. He asks her to have hopes that they soon gets a daughter. The Goenkas surprise Lav and Kush on their birthday. Naira plans a series of surprises for them. Kartik and Naira want to give them much happiness and compensate for the lost years. Kartik and Naira will soon learn that Lav and Kush are totally spoilt. They will catch Lav and Kush red-handed and prevent them from spoiling Kairav and Vansh. They reprimand Lav for handing over beer to the kids.

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