Choti Sardarrni Guddan Manmohini Upcoming Spoilers

Choti Sardarni Colors Latest Storm for Meher Sarabjeet

Choti Sardarrni Guddan Manmohini Upcoming Spoilers Meher has saved Param’s life. She isn’t his biological mother, but still they hold a close bond close to their hearts. Meher sinks. Param calls her out and asks her to wake up for his sake. The family cries that Meher is going to leave them forever. Param sheds tears for her. Param brings Meher back to life. Param tells her that they will live like a happy family once again. Meher returns home with Param and Sarabjeet. She gets delighted to be with the family. Param tells that he has come home after a long time.

Sarabjeet throws a welcome party for her. The family gives a beautiful surprise to Meher and Param. Everyone pampers Param. Meher didn’t expect such a surprise. Sarabjeet takes care of his wife and son. Harleen apologizes to Meher for doubting her before. She now believes Meher, since Meher has saved Param by undergoing a liver transplant surgery. Meher has proved her selfless love for Param.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:

Akshat and Guddan have got separated. The leap of four years brings twists. Guddan has become a super star. She becomes the special guest in a cooking competition. She comes face to face with Akshat. Guddan smashes the cake in her imagination. She wants to meet Akshat. She controls herself. She gets emotional on meeting Dadi.

Shiv and Ananya get into a moment. Amar fails to get Ananya’s love. She loves Shiv. Amar decides to separate Shiv and Ananya. He makes a wicked plan. Shiv and Ananya get a cute chance of romance. Amar plans Ananya’s accident. Ananya gets into big trouble. Amar gets scared that he will lose her forever. He wants Shiv’s truth to come out. He wants Shiv to take the vampire avatar. Shiv tries to explain his point of view to Ananya.

She tells him that the needs to accept the fact that they love each other and their love can even fight their fate. She proposes him for marriage. She promises to take care of herself and not fall in danger. She wants to convince him. She tells that she loves him and will marry him, she doesn’t care for her life. Shiv gets emotional on hearing her.

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