Kulfii Upcoming Sikandar recovery signs Lovely bewildered

Kulfii Upcoming Sikandar recovery signs Lovely bewildered

Kulfii Upcoming Sikandar recovery signs Lovely bewildered Kulfi and Chalu try to save Sikandar by helping Jacob. Chalu tells that the house got clean. Lovely goes to check on Jacob. She finds him missing from the trunk. Chalu goes after to ask what is she finding in the chest. Lovely shouts on her. She realizes that Chalu has rescued Jacob. She tells Beauty that Chalu has taken away Jacob, if this has turned possible, then its possible that they will find Sikandar as well. She asks Beauty to find Jacob and get him back. She doesn’t want to take risk.

She tells that Kulfi should never reach Sikandar. Jacob is taken care of. He tells that Lovely is very dangerous. Kulfi asks for his help, but he refuses since he is afraid for his own life. Kulfi requests him to cure Sikandar. He tells Kulfi that Sikandar is given drugs which has no antidote. He tells that Sikandar can never recover now. Kulfi breaks down into tears. She asks him for any possibility. She doesn’t lose hope. He tells her that there is a possibility, Sikandar can recover only by his will power, he has to fight back and his inner strength can help him. He tells that he will stay with them until Sikandar recovers. Kulfi gets glad.

She wants to spend time with Sikandar. She doesn’t want Lovely to doubt her. She wishes that she could be at both the places at the same time. Chalu gets an idea to help her. She plans to mislead Lovely. Kulfi gets sad and shuts herself in the room. Chalu and Sittu want to make her laugh. Chalu’s aide take the jokers’ costume to make her laugh. They tell Chalu that Kulfi doesn’t want to talk. Lovely hears Kulfi shouting. She thinks of her weird behavior. She wonders why is Kulfi shouting on her team. Kulfi goes to Sikandar’s room by much difficulty. Lovely doesn’t get fooled. She thinks to meet Kulfi.

Chalu plays Kulfi’s voice recording in the room. Kulfi meets Sikandar and tells him how they saved Jacob from Lovely. She tells him that Jacob has told him to fight by self will. She motivates him to get up from the wheelchair. Chalu gets worried when Lovely knocks the door. Lovely knows Kulfi isn’t inside the room. Chalu thinks of some back up. Kulfi becomes Sikandar’s inspiration. He moves his finger. He gives sign of recovery. Chalu’s aides distract Lovely and make way for Kulfi to run to her room. Will Lovely find out the truth about Kulfi and Sikandar’s meetings? Keep reading.

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Best Comment by Hafeela Akbar:
Today’s episode was good with Kulfi realising Loveleen’s plan to be suddenly very kind to her, Chalu, Sittu and her assistants by singing a song for Chalu and the rest to take a hint that Loveleen’s, Cutie’s & Beauty’s acts were not genuine. If Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is to wind up soon, please show to the families and children of the many countries in the world, who are watching these series, first the powers of God with a miracle of curing Sikkander and the sweetness of music that can soften the heart of the most cruel person.

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