Kundali Shocker Karan firm stand surprises Preeta

Kundali Shocker Karan firm stand surprises Preeta

Kundali Shocker Karan firm stand surprises Preeta Karan wants to know about the evidence against Preeta. She is still thinking about Karan’s opinion. She wants Karan to believe her. Karan asks the inspector about the video clip. Inspector refuses to share any legal evidence with the culprit’s family. Karan insists to know details of the clip. Inspector tells him that Preeta is seen pushing Mahira in front of the truck in the video clip, which is enough evidence for her crime. He tells that Preeta won’t get bail this time, since she is really caught up red-handed.

Karan asks Inspector about the person submitted the evidence. Inspector tells him that Sherlyn has brought the evidence to the police. Karan suspects Sherlyn to be the culprit behind the entire plotting. He doesn’t think that Mahira is also involved in framing Preeta. Preeta asks Karan about his belief, if he thinks she has really hurt someone. Karan’s love compels him to believe Preeta. He tells her that she shouldn’t give importance to anyone in her life to the extent that her happiness suffers. He promises to get her a clean chit in the case and free her from the jail. He tells that she has to wait this time, since bail isn’t possible.

He doesn’t want to bail her out and instead prove her innocence. Karan would be finding evidences against Sherlyn and proving the manipulated video against Preeta. Sarla gets glad that Karan finally got some sense and trusted Preeta. Karan wants to tell Preeta what he feels for her. Karan’s promise surprises everyone.

Best Comment by Varsha Bansal:
I think team is stretching by adding silly twist, why not plotting Prithvi entry in exchange where Karan still in dilemma, Prithvi will save Preeta in exchange of marriage, on other hand Sherlin will fight for her marriage to save her dream. Meanwhile, Karan will be in conscious and wanted to go for help, he will get shocked when Preeta show her anger hatred and break all unwanted ties with him.

Bepannah Pyaar:
Raghbir wants to keep Sahas away from Pragati. He tells Sahas that his charm won’t work on Pragati. He takes Pragati on a date. He switches off her phone. He tells her that she won’t be taking any calls now. He makes the big plan to surprise her. Pragati gets too happy with the line of lovely surprises given by him. She is worried and afraid of losing her. She meets the fortune teller, who predicts that they will soon get separated. Pragati cries on realizing that she won’t be with Raghbir forever. Sahas and Kunti plot against Raghbir. Sahas tells Kunti that Raghbir will soon leave Pragati. He makes a plan to separate the lovers. He tells that their love will become the reason for their separation.

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  1. Finally Karan Belived Preeta. He came to know that the main culprit is Sherlyn. I want that at the end Mahira should also get exposed. Sherlyn should go to jail, Karan and Preeta should get married and Mahira should be left without anyone’s trust, care and love

    • If they will do that then the serial would be finished .Serial finished no work no money for the director and producer.Who would like that.

  2. The team should not extend the negative theme further more because the fans wants karan and peeta to be together…team should plan something like that all the misunderstanding between karan and preeta get solved and they become together…and then the team add all drama keeping them together and they together solving all problems….


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