Starplus NEW Kahan Hum Ronakshi Rishta Kaira Spoilers

Starplus NEW Kahan Hum Ronakshi Rishta Kaira Spoilers

Starplus NEW Kahan Hum Ronakshi Rishta Kaira Spoilers Kartik and Naira get prepared for the republic day function in the dance academy. Naira tells Kartik that she got the certificate for the academy on the same day. She is glad that her old students are along. The family is happy. The family and Trisha plan to perform the dance with Naira. Lav and Kush are also with Goenkas. Lav is revengeful on Trisha. He wants to trouble her by locking her in the green room. Naira gets the pictures clicked at the event. Kartik gets mesmerized with her look.

He compliments her and also matches some steps with her. They have a cute moment. Trisha gets scared when she gets locked. She learns that Lav is behind this. Trisha and Lav have a confrontation. Lav misbehaves with her on his friend’s provocation. Trisha angrily slaps him. Naira witnesses this and is shocked. She wants to know the reason for the slap. Trisha posts the accusation on Lav. How will Lav justify the accusation this time? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular twist: 2/5
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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:

Poor Sonakshi is getting accused again and again. Nishi is trying to break Rohit’s trust on his wife so that his marriage falls apart. She doesn’t want any claimant for the property. She knows that once Sonakshi is out, none will have the courage to ask for their property share. She wants Sonakshi to get kicked out from Sippy mansion. She has already done the needful by instigating Veena against Sonakshi.

Sonakshi and Rohit leave the house in anger. They both are sorrowful and head to their secret place to find some peace. They meet at the park area once again. Sonakshi tries to end their differences. She explains him that she isn’t responsible for Naren’s state, she didn’t ask for any property. Rohit jerks her off. She slips down the railing. She shouts for help. Rohit gets panicking and rushes to save her. He pulls her upwards like she saved him once. They have a moment of hope. She tells him that she can never harm his family. He doesn’t believe her and pulls his gifted bracelet from her hand. She gets too hurt. Sonakshi decides to expose Naren’s culprit and clear her name.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Major victory

Reviewed Rating for this particular twist: 4/5
This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your take on the show in the comment section below.

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  1. It’s sad to see how Rohit lost his trust in his love Sona.
    At least Sona tried to explain him for the first time instead being quiet n instead taking all blame on herself..looked like Rohit is in shock n confused state to even think rational at this vulnerable point where he stands.
    Can’t see Ronakshi drifting away …
    Hope Sona can clear her name from the mess soon n bring the real culprit upfront ..

  2. I see some ray of hope now that the show is turning back to Ronakshi moments. I am very glad that Sona is fighting back. Dont show women as helpless creatures
    The show was a hit only because of Ronakshi moments …pls don’t make it into another saas baby saga …if they continue with all the bakwaas ..they will lose all their ardent fans …so be careful writers, producer and director..hope you realise


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