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Beyhadh Prime Patiala Babes Sony Upcoming Snips Mini and Neil share a moment of understanding. Mini explains that its important for her to guide Arya the right way so that Arya realizes her mistake. She tells that she was punishing Arya for her betterment. She asks him not to interfere when she is giving some lessons to Arya. She doesn’t want him to support Arya. She tells him that he should not forget her motive behind scolding Arya. She tells that Arya should take her seriously and not go against her.

She feels Neil’s affection for Arya is spoiling her. Neil realizes she is right. Neil asks Arya to become a good girl. Arya gets upset that he is also taking Mini’s side. She doesn’t want everyone to just scold her all the time. She gets heartbroken and asks Neil not to talk to her.

Beyhadh 2 Sony:
Ananya doesn’t want Rudra to meet Maya. She asks Rudra to just think of the family. Rudra doesn’t want to cheat Ananya. Maya gets angry on her mother, who feels Rudra also loves Maya. Maya apologizes to her mum. She doesn’t know if Rudra will fall for her. She wants to be sure that he will come to her. Rajeev tells her that Rudra will come to her. She tells him that Rudra will die on the day of his marriage. Rudra enjoys the marriage functions. Maya calls Rudra again. Rudra tells her that he wants to marry Ananya. He doesn’t want to meet Maya.

He closes her chapter. Ananya is glad that he kept his word. She doesn’t know why is Maya after him. Ananya meets Maya and shows all her rights on her prospective groom Rudra. She lectures Maya on her attempts to woo Rudra. Ananya warns her to not trap Rudra. Maya acts sympathetic. She feels her plan is working, since she wanted Ananya to react. Maya tells Ananya that she is just Rudra’s friend, not his love. She asks Ananya to think if she can keep Rudra happy by disrespecting his feelings, knowing he loves someone else.

She acts like a sacrificing person. She cries for Ananya, who won’t be happy in a loveless marriage. Ananya gets disturbed after talking to Rudra. She tells Rudra that Maya is really insane. Rudra gets Maya’s message conveyed. Ananya cancels the marriage functions to keep the marriage sooner. Rudra agrees with her decision. Ananya convinces Mrityunjay. Rudra is surprised that Maya didn’t try to harm Ananya. Ananya is scared with the way Maya conveyed her message. Maya goes mad for Rudra and decides to use her mother for her motives. Maya fakes her suicide to compel Rudra. She is sure that Rudra will believe her love and come to her.

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