Kulfi Kumarr Biggest surprise Sikandar Amyra joins Kulfi

Kulfi Kumarr Biggest surprise Sikandar Amyra joins Kulfi

Kulfi Kumarr Biggest surprise Sikandar Amyra joins Kulfi Kulfi and Chalu try to find some solution to cure Sikandar. They make a plan and ask the aide to fake the attack on Kulfi, so that Sikandar reacts seeing his daughter in danger. Sikandar gets much worried for Kulfi and tries to signal her. He finally gets up from his wheelchair, much to everyone’s disguise. Sikandar’s recovery gets happening for real. Sittu, Chalu and Kulfi get happy and congratulate for the success. They want Sikandar to talk to them. Lovely, Beauty, Cutie, Amyra and Mohendar return home. Mohendar is very happy to see Sikandar.

Amyra finds Sikandar on his feet and can’t believe it. She runs to hug him. Lovely and her evil team is much shocked and panicking. They don’t want Sikandar to hit them. Sikandar falls back in his wheelchair. Kulfi gets worried for him. Lovely stops Amyra and asks her to go to her room. She scolds Amyra and leaves her upset. She lectures Kulfi. She asks Kulfi what did Sikandar tell her. Chalu tells that Lovely’s game is over. Kulfi tells that Sikandar told them that Lovely is responsible for his state, since he was recovering after the surgery. She reprimands Lovely for threatening Sikandar and Jacob’s life.

She tells that Lovely was the masked person who tried to kill her. She realizes Lovely’s numerous crimes and tells it aloud. Amyra overhears their conversation and is super shocked to see her mother’s evil side. Lovely tells Kulfi that none can prove her crimes, since Sikandar can’t tell anything. She threatens them about Gunjan. Sikandar and Mohendar know that Gunjan is in danger. Kulfi tells that Lovely did everything for the property. Mohendar asks Lovely to take away all the property, but leave Sikandar free. He asks her to spare Sikandar’s life, since his daughters need him. Lovely tells that Kulfi can’t make Sikandar fine.

Kulfi gets angry and asks Sikandar to prove Lovely wrong. She asks him to get up and give an answer to Lovely. Sikandar doesn’t move. This worries Kulfi and Chalu. Lovely mocks him. She laughs that she had killed Nimrat, but poor Kulfi had to bring a random stranger as her mother for treating her father’s illness. She gets bitter tongued. Sikandar reacts. Kulfi and everyone ask Sikandar to get up. They motivate him. Amyra also wants Sikandar to get up and answer Lovely. She cries for him. He is still motionless. Lovely tells Kulfi that she had to make Sikandar her puppet since he was against her plans.

She tells that he is nothing but like a furniture in the house. She asks Kulfi to keep Sikandar if she wants. Amyra regrets to believe Lovely. She hugs Kulfi and apologizes to her for doubting her intentions before. She feels sorry that she ill-treated Kulfi and tried to oust her from the house. Kulfi forgives her, knowing Amyra was misled by Lovely. Amyra and Kulfi cry for Sikandar. Amyra didn’t know that Lovely had done all the evil. They get a note and reach the music room. They think Chalu is calling them to the music room for a discussion.

They get a good surprise when they find Sikandar in the music room. Kulfi and team gather there and get to see Sikandar fit and fine. Sikandar tells them that he has called them for a talk, they need to plan against Lovely. He reveals that he recovered by Kulfi’s efforts and acted motionless in front of Lovely so that he can hatch a plan against Lovely’s evil and also save Gunjan’s life. What will Sikandar do to get Lovely punished? Keep reading.

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Best Comment by Hafeela Akbar:

The trend of events now in Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala is wonderful which shows that the story is leading to a happy end. The Director has beautifully projected Kulfi, being the heroine, as a rare child with courage, truthful and having faith in God, extreme patience and a talent for singing that can move anyone to tears.

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  1. We’re very happy for sikander that he has recovered fully and is going to punish lovely. she will surely be beaten by sikander black and blue Gunjan will be rescued. Hats off to kulfi and her team

  2. It is most encouraging to view Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala these days with Kulfi’s courage and perseverance to recover her father; Sikkander with genuine concern and support from Sittu, Chalu and her assistants. Mohinder too feels for his brother and Kulfi but is sad and helpless due to Loveleen’s threat to kill his wife.
    It is a relief to see Amyra seeing the truth at this stage and realising Kulfi’s honest feellings to save her father from death with Loveleen’s cruelty.
    Hoping to see a ‘happily ever after’ end with Sikkander reuniting with Kulfi and Amyra and with Chalu actually becoming a mother to them.
    As what is really right, Loveleen should be punished for her evil deeds.


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