Kumkum Bhagyya Kundalii Upcoming Spoiler Snips

Kundali Rishabh reasons out Ishq Super Twists

Kumkum Bhagyya Kundalii Upcoming Spoiler Snips Ranbir vents out his anger and pain. He shouts and cries loudly. Aryan comes there to pacify Ranbir. Ranbir tells him that he is angry at Prachi, why did she do this with me? He says I used to trust her a lot. Aryan says you are still thinking about Prachi and can’t see all of us. He says we all are worried about you. He says if you have problem with prachi then talk to her, don’t talk nonsense. Ranbir says she is not picking my call, how to talk to her. Aryan asks Ranbir to go to Prachi’s house, talk to her and clears her doubt. Ranbir goes to Prachi’s house.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan: Amber sends a message to Guneet and tries to delete it. Nia notices that and thinks whom is he messaging. Amber gets upset and thinks he has sent the wrong message to his chat friend, what she will think about him. Later, Nia comes to his room in the morning and takes Amber’s mobile, thinking to check whom he was messaging till late in night. Amber comes there. Nia hides under the table. Amber takes the towel and goes to bathroom again. Nia checks his phone and sees the messages. She gets happy thinking Amber is falling in love.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan comes to meet Preeta and tells that they all are with her. Preeta asks what about me? Karan says even I am with you. He says ‘the Karan Luthra’ is with you in this situation. Preeta cries hearing his assuring words that he will take her out clean chit. Rakhi reminds Sherlyn that she is their elder bahu and asks why she wants to leave the house.

She asks what happened, which forced her to leave. Sherlyn blames Rishabh and tells that he wants her to leave the house. She tells that he can’t see Preeta in lock up and asked her to leave. She says he is on Preeta’s side and wants to take her out. She then blames Preeta. She asks Tanvi not to show the footage to Karan, as he will understand that it is morphed.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhari: Ballu tells that he will stay with them until his family comes. Gudiya says before you family comes, ghost shall be kicked out. Everyone go to the haveli and get scared seeing each other and think them as ghost. Gudiya gets an idea to nab the ghost.

Best Comment by Sanjana Dhami:

The evil ones are constantly being sheltered instead of being exposed. Sherilyn Mahira now need to be exposed. Karan Preetas love hate story should come to a close. Good acting skills by Rishab, Shishti and where’s Sherlyns’ Baby, disappeared? No proper storyline. Just dragging.

Kulfi KB


  1. Karan and Preeta needs to come together as husband and wife . It’s high time that Sherlyn is exposed and what about her pregnancy? After so many months too she still doesn’t have a baby bump. How come? Things are just dragging. It’s high time Mahesh comes out of coma. The storyline is just dragging.. plz put a full stop to these twists which are getting boring now


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