Shakti Heer rebels upcoming Choti Sardaarni twists

Shakti Alert Colors Prime Sardarni Vidya Upcoming

Shakti Heer rebels upcoming Choti Sardaarni twists Param brings Meher and Sarabjeet close. Meher wants Sarabjeet to compliment her. Sarabjeet likes her a lot. He finds her really pretty. He surprises Meher by gifting her the best girl. He inaugurates a hospital on Meher’s name. He praises Meher for having all the good virtues like compassion, hard work and determination. He feels she deserves the title of Sardarni. He pays much respect to Meher. She gets delighted and surprised. Sarabjeet wants Harleen to give the title of Choti Sardarni to Meher. He gives the ancestral necklace for Meher.

He makes Harleen inaugurate the Choti Sardarni hospital. He tells that Meher has become his inspiration. He fulfills his dad’s dreams. He feels Meher is his strength. Harleen is happy for Sarabjeet. She looks reluctant, which worries Meher. Meher wants to know what is stopping Harleen from being totally happy. Meher thanks Sarabjeet for the best gift ever. She likes his sweet gesture and gets emotional.


Heer apologizes to Virat on seeing his true side. She falls in love with him. She makes sure that she surprises him. Virat gets a new friend in Heer. She wishes him happy birthday by a cute surprise. Virat doesn’t look pleased with her childish things. He knows Heer is behind the surprise.

He returns the gifts and flowers to her. She didn’t wish her brothers to know about her liking for Virat. Virat doesn’t want to play with Heer’s emotions. Soham and Rohan tell Virat that Heer isn’t interested in him. She denies of sending the flowers to Virat. Virat proves to the college that Heer is the girl who had sent the greeting and flowers for him. Virat tells her that he doesn’t want to have any such relationship with her. Heer feels rejected, and is also scared that her brothers will get angry on her stupidity.

Heer gets ready in a western outfit. She prepares to attend the college party. Preeto doesn’t allow her. She asks Heer not to get stubborn. Heer tells her that she will go in the party, its a farewell party of her favorite professor. She wants to go for Virat’s sake. She wants to meet Virat. Preeto doesn’t want Heer to invite troubles. She slaps Heer. Heer asks Soham and Rohan to convince Preeto.

Preeto shouts on them and refuses to send Heer. Harak makes an entry and surprisingly supports Heer. He permits her to go in the party. Heer hugs him and is thankful. Preeto opposes Heer’s dressing and asks her to wear proper clothes. She can’t tell anyone that Heer is a kinner. She wants to protect Heer from the bitter truth.

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