Kumkum Bhagya Pragya realization Ranbir Abhi twists

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya realization Ranbir Abhi twists

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya realization Ranbir Abhi twists Ranbir tells Prachi that he isn’t a molester. He is much hurt that she didn’t trust him. Prachi realizes her mistake. She wants to clarify herself. Ranbir tells her that he doesn’t want her sympathy. He regrets to love her. He warns her to stay away from him. Prachi wants to tell him something. Meanwhile, Pragya gets surprised when Pallavi comes home to meet Prachi and confront her step. Pallavi tells Pragya about Prachi getting Ranbir arrested, but Rhea saving him. She tells that Rhea knew about Prachi’s planning. She questions Pragya about Prachi’s move. She wants to ask Prachi.

Pragya tells Pallavi that she spoke to Prachi in this regard, Prachi is doing right to support the truth. She tells that Ranbir is a nice guy, but Prachi has seen him flirting with Maya. Sarita and Pragya call Ranbir wrong. Pallavi tells them that Ranbir isn’t wrong. Pragya tells that she trusts Prachi a lot, Prachi has seen Ranbir into the act. Pallavi asks Pragya to understand her and help her. She feels sorry to trust Pragya so soon. Pallavi tells Pragya that Ranbir can never forget his limits even in intoxicated state. She feels sad. Pragya worries. Prachi tries to explain Ranbir. Rhea asks her to leave Ranbir alone.

She blames Prachi for framing Ranbir by winning his trust. She doesn’t want to listen to Pragya. She tells that Abhi regards her a daughter, but she has hurt everyone. Sarita tells that she trusts Ranbir, maybe Prachi did wrong. Pragya wants to find the truth. Sarita asks her not to tell Prachi about Pallavi’s visit. Prachi asks Aryan to convey her message to Ranbir. He reprimands her for doing bad with Ranbir. He asks her why did she break Ranbir’s heart by supporting him first and then giving a statement against her.

He is angry that she cheated Ranbir and stabbed his trust. He asks Shahana not to argue with him. Shahana too is much angry on Prachi. She doesn’t want to talk to Prachi. Aryan tells Prachi that she has broken their trust so badly that none will trust her now. Prachi wants to tell Shahana about her move. She tells her the reason. On the other hand, Ranbir drinks beer. He wants to vent out his anger. Aryan consoles him. He doesn’t want Ranbir to turn into a pitiable guy. Aryan tells him that they have to focus on his case and get a clean chit.

Pragya happens to see Ranbir drunk. Ranbir tells him that he has to win Prachi’s trust back. Pragya finds him in danger and saves his life from a speeding car. Ranbir tells her that Prachi did wrong with him. She lectures him to not drink, he is a nice guy and shouldn’t do wrong. She tells him that he should rectify things. He tells her that he can never molest any girl, he isn’t a bad guy. He swears on Pallavi, whom he loves the most. He tells that he didn’t disrespect any girl in his life.

He tells that he was trying to become a good guy, but he didn’t know that he will get accused after changing so much. He wants Prachi to trust him. He tells that he loves Prachi, he was getting close to Maya just to make Prachi jealous. He feels he did a big mistake to make stupid plans. He asks her to forget whatever he told her. He asks Pragya to tell Prachi that he didn’t do anything wrong. Aryan tells Pragya that Prachi doesn’t trust Ranbir, which is the biggest problem for Ranbir. Pragya worries for Ranbir and realizes his innocence in the case. Aryan tells that Ranbir’s family is supportive, but Prachi’s friendship matters a lot to him.

He apologizes to Pragya and offers lift. Pragya asks him to take care of Ranbir. She wants to talk to Prachi, knowing Ranbir is saying the truth. Kohlis are worried. Rhea blames Prachi again. Pallavi sheds tears. Abhi doesn’t want anyone to talk about it again and again. He tells that they have to move on and prove Ranbir’s innocence, so that Prachi’s thinking changes on own. He tells that they have to concentrate on Ranbir now. Aryan gets drunk Ranbir home. The family worries for Ranbir. Ranbir tells Abhi that Prachi has framed him, he is really innocent. Abhi trusts Ranbir. He asks Ranbir to move on for the sake of family. He doesn’t want Ranbir to drink again.

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  1. Will the real face of aaliya and rhea be revealed in the near future? If so I can watch this soap peacefully and patiently. Or it will be a real waste of time.

  2. Yes,,,I want the real face of alia get coming soon ,,,,then this episode is so much interested because alia’s plan is so much a years ago when pragya come to the mehera’s Bhavan,,,so now seriously the time is coming to backfire’s the hole plan of alia,,,,then the episode become so much interested,,,,this is my own advice


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