Kundali Zee Prime Ishq SubhanAllah Spoilers lined

Kundali Zee Prime Ishq SubhanAllah Spoilers lined

Kundali Zee Prime Ishq SubhanAllah Spoilers lined Zara revives Kabeer’s faith in his religion again. She makes him recite prayers on Zara’s death anniversary. He tells that his religion and faith are stopping him from killing Shahbaz. Zara asks him to strike at Shahbaz’s strength to weaken up. They make a plan to ruin Shahbaz’s business. On the other side, Ruksar bribes a man and asks him to send his trained dog to bite Zara and the kids. The man takes the money and assures to do her work. The man leaves the dog inside the van. Zara takes the kids to the van to drop them to the school. They get shocked seeing a dangerous dog attacking them. She shouts for help.

Kabeer saves Zara and the kids by using his mind on time. He distracts and controls the dog. Zara pacifies the terrified kids. She asks them to forget the incident. Kabeer tells them that they are safe. He takes the dog away. He nabs the dog owner to know about the person hiring him for the trouble. He bashes him up. Ruksar fears that the man will name her for the crime. Kabeer realizes that he has to tackle Shahbaz and Ruksar as well. He is much glad that Zara is being a strong support for him. He misses his wife Zara a lot.

Kundali Bhagya:

Sherlyn returns home on Rakhi’s request. Karan rebukes Sherlyn and blames her for framing Preeta. Karan’s misbehavior angers Sherlyn. She gets revengeful. She wants to teach a lesson to Karan. She goes to share her plotting with Mahesh, who is still in coma. She doesn’t think he will ever break out of coma.

She tells him that she will make Karan and Rishabh’s lives more troubles. Mahesh is helpless in coma. Sherlyn meets Preeta in the police station. She scolds Preeta for always interfering in Luthra family. Sherlyn and Preeta get into a heated argument. Sherlyn wants Preeta to be in jail forever. She tells Preeta that she won’t let Karan or Rishabh help her.

Choti Sardarni:

Meher becomes Sarabjeet’s good support in his political campaign. Sarabjeet also agrees to get Meher’s brother Jagga in the party. Harleen doesn’t feel happy. Sarabjeet announces the candidate list. He welcomes Jagga in the party. Meher has helped him in making the choice. She doesn’t want him to get blamed for his decision. He makes amendments by liking her advice. She wants him to just have the people who are true and selfless. She doesn’t want any unfair sources in the party, that could ruin everything.

She knows Kulwant is very mean and evil. She doesn’t want Sarabjeet to give the election ticket to Kulwant. Kulwant gets upset when Meher insults her and takes revenge on her by crushing her dreams. Meher wants to explain Kulwant that she didn’t exact revenge for Manav’s death, but is just doing her duty towards her husband by giving honest opinions. She doesn’t want Sarabjeet to suffer by taking wrong choices. Harleen gets pleased with Meher’s decision.

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