Beyhadh Stunning Preview Patiala Babes Upcoming

Beyhadh Stunning Preview Patiala Babes Upcoming

Beyhadh Stunning Preview Patiala Babes Upcoming Mini is much stressed because of Arya’s strange behavior. She doesn’t want Arya to act older than her age. Arya wants to bring happiness in Mini’s life in the form of Neil. She takes care of Mini. She finds Mini sleeping. She makes her sleep well and looks after her. She keeps Mini’s belongings at place. She wants to caress Mini, knowing her good intentions. Arya thinks to become a good girl, so that Mini gets her smile back. She gets emotional recalling Mini crying. Mini gets surprised when she finds Arya caring and obeying her again. Their misunderstandings begin to subside. Neil is happy for them.

Beyhadh 2:
Maya pushes Rudra down the boat. She realizes that he loves her truly. She gets falling for Rudra, when she sees him dying. She drops her plan of killing him. She doesn’t want to lose Rudra. She believes that he loves her and would be the only one made for her. She also starts realizing her feelings for Rudra. She saves Rudra’s life by bringing him out of the water.

She tries to revive him. She decides to take revenge on Mrityunjay by some other plan. She confesses her love to Rudra. She tells him that she loves him and can’t lose him. She asks him to wake up. Rudra gets revived by her.

Rudra confesses love to her and promises to always stand by her. Rudra and Maya get married. She promises that only death can make them apart, they will always stay together. Rudra promises to not let anyone come between them. Maya prepares to meet Mrityunjay and shock him. Rudra and Maya’s marriage will be the biggest shock for Mritunjay. Rudra isn’t aware of Mrityunjay and Maya’s past. How will Mrityunjay deal with Maya knowing his son Rudra is at huge risk? Keep reading.

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