Preeta Sherlyn Kundali Bhagya Luthras critical times

Preeta Sherlyn Kundali Bhagya Luthras critical times

Preeta Sherlyn Kundali Bhagya Luthras critical times Sherlyn sheds fake tears to gain sympathy from Rakhi and Kareena. She tells that Rishabh doesn’t value her. Rakhi tells her that they value her and trust her as well. She asks her to know her responsibility towards the family. She tells that Sherlyn has to manage the house. She requests Sherlyn to come home with them and forgive Rishabh. Sherlyn acts for a while and then gets convinced by them. Kareena tells them that Rishabh will take time to realize his mistake, still she can decide herself.

Sherlyn tells that she respects them and she will come home with them. Rakhi and Kareena are glad to see her maturity. Sherlyn tells them that she has a condition, Rishabh needs to respect her. She wants them to explain Rishabh that he has to pay her respect so that she feels happy within. Rakhi assures that she will talk to Rishabh. She tells them that she has a video clip against Preeta and that’s the reason that Rishabh quarrelled with her. She tells that she would have given her phone if Rishabh requested her, he was bossing and she disliked his behavior. She shows the video to Rakhi and Kareena.

They can’t believe that Preeta has pushed Mahira to harm her. Kareena is glad that Preeta got arrested once again. Rakhi gets silent. Sherlyn gets glad that Rakhi’s belief on Preeta will shatter now. She tells Rakhi that Preeta is responsible for Mahira’s accident. Rakhi also sympathizes with her. Sherlyn tells that she was just supporting the right person, she is a witness and holds evidence as well. She fools them. Sanjana worries seeing her over the top drama. Rakhi promises Sherlyn that Rishabh will never disrespect her.

On the other hand, Mahira is hurt that Karan is again helping Preeta. Ramona asks her if she has seen Karan. Mahira tells that Karan got his family’s support as well. Ramona doesn’t think that Karan will love her. Mahira asks her not to say bad things and just help her. Ramona doesn’t want Mahira’s life to get ruined. Mahira gets raging. Ramona is scared of her husband. She knows his anger and is worried. Karan and Rishabh try to get help from the family lawyer. Lawyer asks him not to worry for the simple case. Rishabh tells that Mahira and Sherlyn are against Preeta. Lawyer advises them to just ask Mahira to withdraw the case so that Preeta gets released.

Ramona rushes to inform them about Mahesh’s serious state. They rush to see Mahesh. Mahira thanks Sherlyn for coming back. Mahira and Sherlyn play the drama. Sherlyn learns about Mahesh. She is glad that her plan to drug Mahesh is working. She recalls of meeting Mahesh and drugging him to take revenge on his sons. She tells that even Mahesh was Preeta’s good wisher.

She wants to make Karan’s life very much difficult. She promises to make Karan in a more miserable state. She wants Karan to experience the pain, which will shatter Rishabh as well. She recalls putting him in danger and goes for rescuing him so that she becomes a savior. Luthras worry seeing Mahesh’s state critical. They try to call the doctor. Sherlyn feels amazing to see them in tears. Rishabh and Karan try to console the elders. Sherlyn tells them that doctor isn’t reachable. She tells that she can treat Mahesh, who has given her the medicines for such an emergency. She injects Mahesh and normalizes him.

Rishabh feels indebted to him. Luthras get glad that Sherlyn saved his life. Rakhi gets grateful to Sherlyn. Karan suspects Sherlyn on seeing her sweet behavior. Kareena, Biji and Rishabh too thank Sherlyn. Sherlyn asks Ramona to cut the birthday cake and celebrate with the family. Rishabh feels happy to see her managing things so well. She boasts of her smartness. She wants to meet Preeta and share her plotting.

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Best Comment by Pummy Jaiswal:
The makers should think about this what I said. It’s right time for exposed Sherlyn. And what happened with her baby the time was too long she was pregnant. But no any sign of pregnancy this is too much. The makers should add some new twist and turns. Then show will become amazing.

Yeh Rishta Kaira extreme step


  1. This show is getting ridiculous by the day.. Is shurlin the producers daughter.. Can’t understand how she alone can be portrayed as being smart and can’t manipulate ah whole family.. These writers to good..

  2. Manish in ah coma so long.. Allow sudden he in ah bad state.. Ah doctor predicted this would happen and leave shurlin with the meds to help him lol liol lol… Don’t know why we watch thus nonsense… Insulting our intelligence… Yes I know its just a show…

  3. I know bad thing sometimes happens to good people, but not always. Why is Preeta always at the receiving ends. Now the producer will show us that Karan suddenly realised his feelings for Preeta, too lame. There should challenges Karan should face too in order to gain Preeta’s love, like another handsome prince ready to sweep Preeta off her feet and Karan now have to fight for her. That’s what you call a show. What they’re showing now is too predictable. If I may ask, when is Sherlyn pregnancy going to start showing????

  4. Abhi and Pragya, ???when are the family going to come together?? Until things fall apart and they cannot gather it together. Please show some good family values. Rhea is getting bad by the minutes and Prachi took her mum good nature. Unless the producer is trying to portray fathers upbringing as bad. Too much misfortune in their family. If they’re meant to be together, then make it a happy family reunion, if not each of them deserves happiness. This roller-coaster emotions it too much. So please make your viewers happy ?

  5. Mujhe lagta hai ki ye serial sherylin ka hai, kiyu ki is serial main Karan aur preeta ka to koi kaam nahi hai, anytime preeta problem me rehti hai, writter ko itni bakwas script milta kaha se hai, sherylin ka kabhi parda fash nhi hoga is bakwas serial main?? aur kaha jata hai ki ye serial no-1 pe hai???

  6. Was one of my fav shows…now it’s getting worst…pls ppl stop watching this nonsense…same tracks are being repeated all the time nothing new is happening…sherlyn will never be exposed and preeta will always be blamed for all the wrongs…

  7. Nice one, Ranbir and Prachi coming together ???it’s good to know love is bloosoming somewhere. I hope Aliya will not succeed in killing this new love because she’s an enemy of love couple even though she claimed to be in love.

  8. This is ridiculous, Sherlyn, Prithvi n now Mahira all are behind Preeta to ruin her life. Pls stop showing only negativity in this show we are fade up now. How long Mahesh will be on bed, Sherlyn is pregnant but can’t see at all strange, pls expose the culprit in front of the whole family. Let Karan n Preeta live their life happily.

  9. This was one of my favorite show now getting worse this is done now change the story and what about pregnancy expose her now ….and what about sherlyn and prithvi or kb dikhaoge unka …or Kyu barbaad krre yeh log rishabh ko aaj tk voh bhi nhi btaya and Karan itna pglpanti dikhaye uske pass khudka dimag toh h hi nhii…this is getting worst man…?????

  10. Used to watch this show religiously. Now it’s so boring. Don’t bother with the 2 serials, Kum Khum and Kundali. They should just end it.

  11. Pls I don’t understand all this. On which channel are you watching this, Gotv or Dstv and channel what. Pls have missed this drama.

  12. It was my favourite shows
    Really getting monotonous.Yes Preeta cant always be in the wrong.
    How does Sherlyn always do wrong and never get caught.
    Pls its time she must be exposed
    We need some positivity

  13. This is fate is a very annoying show…isnt twist of fate merged with it?…where is preeta?where is ahbi….the same thing always happens,dey come up with a plan again nd again nd again….its very annoying,so much unnecessary drama pls bring an end to d show


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