Climax drama Kulfi Kumar Bajewala shot down

Climax drama Kulfi Kumar Bajewala shot down

Climax drama Kulfi Kumar Bajewala shot down Jimmy plans to organize a concert to trick Lovely and get Sikandar killed. He gets enough of his enemy Sikandar. He can’t even tolerate Sikandar in sick state. He wants to snatch everything from Sikandar. The people grace the concert and show their faith on Sikandar. They ask for Sikandar. Jimmy tells them that its Sikandar’s function, so he will be honouring Sikandar. He takes Sikandar on the stage and rests the wheelchair against the danger area so that Sikandar dies. He speaks in honour of Sikandar. Sikandar gets surprised to hear his speech. Jimmy goes away and starts the timer.

He tells his goons that Sikandar will be dying within 30 minutes, since Lovely will be finishing with the announcement soon. He tells that Sikandar is exactly at the point, ready to die, they just have to pull the lever. Chalu goes away to track Gunjan and find her. Sittu hears the goons. He wants to tell Kulfi about the danger. The goons catch Sittu. Amyra and Kulfi hide under the table to get saved from Cutie. Jimmy tells the goons that he will be going on the stage to see Sikandar dying, its just few minutes away. He hopes to see his dream coming true. Amyra and Kulfi overhear his conversation.

They are deeply shocked to know that Jimmy has planned to kill their dad. They want to rush to Sittu and Sikandar. They don’t know that Sittu is also kidnapped. They get blocked by the goons. They play the police siren audio and get saved from the goons. They want to rush to save their dad. Chalu finds the house and looks for Gunjan. Chalu gets inside and continues the search. Jimmy sees Amyra and Kulfi running to the stage. He sends his goons after them.

Amyra and Kulfi get caught. Chalu rescues Gunjan and brings her home. Lovely gets a huge shock when she finds Sikandar on his feet, perfectly normal and opposing Jimmy. Amyra and Kulfi support Sikandar and inform him about Jimmy’s evil plan. Sittu asks Sikandar to punish Jimmy. Sikandar and Sittu learn Jimmy’s plans and bash him up. Jimmy angrily shoots at Sikandar, but little Kulfi comes in front to save her dad. Will Kulfi get shot? Keep reading.

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Best Comment by Hafeela Akbar:

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala is proceeding towards a wonderful finale thanks to the far thinking capabilities of the Director to bring an end to Sikkander’s suffering and to reunite with Kulfi who has gone through many a trouble to be with her father. It is nice for Amyra to realise now that her mother Loveleen has brainwashed her into thinking that it was Kulfi who brought about Sikkander’s condition of never to recover.

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    • I don’t think Lovely deserves forgiveness. She has proven over and over again that she is selfish and able to hurt those who she wants gone. Threathening a little girl, murder attempt, kidnapping (the doctor, Gunjan, Kulfi and even Sikandar). Sikandar and the girls can only be happy if she is out of the picture.

  1. Sikander will never accept Lovely coz she tried to kill his daughter I know kulfi will not die every thing will end happily

  2. Today’s episode ending with Kulfi getting shot while trying to save her father; Sikkander who was aimed to be shot at by Jimmy?
    Oh my God! Please don’t let that happen. Kulfi, the heroine has touched our lives and is like a member of our family.
    Loveleen will never change. As Sikkander planned, give the opportunity of exposing her at this stage together with Jimmy for his evil acts now and even earlier.
    Please end with the shot missing Kulfi and reuniting her with Sikkander and Amyra with Chalu being accepted as a mother and wife to make a complete happy family.
    Special mention is made in addition to the story, the music and singing all along has been very beautiful and of the highest standards. Also the faith and love of God at all times is a good message to all mankind.
    Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala deserves to receive a very high award for a very good story along with the commitment and sacrifices made by each and everyone connected with the show and especially our dear little Kulfi.
    We love you all and thank you ever so much for giving us a good show and making our days happy.
    God’s blessings to you all.

  3. My favourite show kulfi I luv kulfi so much but want I don’t understand is since d beginning of d film kulfi is suffering and now remain two episodes but still she never have a good day in her life she never stay happy with her father supposed to b kulfi succeeded and became a famous singer dat everyone knows her but look at it now,im very disappointed by dis show but still it my favourite and no other show will take it place in my heart my whole family love kulfi so much and sikulfi but d end is not dat good…..I think kulfi is makers stepdaughter that she will b suffering from d beginning of d show to end…

  4. Please make lovely die and sikandar should live happily with chalu ,kulfi and amyra.thsnks for a wonderful telecast. We Miss kulfi


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