Kumkum Bhagya Raabta Upcoming Top 3 Zee Snips

Kumkum Bhagya Raabta Upcoming Top 3 Zee Snips

Kumkum Bhagya Raabta Upcoming Zee Snips Maya awaits Prachi and comes across her old enemy Saloni, who is just out of depression. Saloni taunts Maya for her break up. She rebukes Maya for snatching her boyfriend Rohan. She is glad that Rohan has left Maya as well. Prachi learns about Maya and Saloni’s clash. Prachi hears Saloni accusing Maya of stealing her boyfriend. She gets shocked and understands that Maya has a history of wrong doing. Later, she meets Ranbir somewhere. They have an argument. Prachi tells him that the ghosts are much in Hoshiarpur than in Delhi. Ranbir teases her saying ghosts was much in Hoshiarpur so 1-2 came here to study, asks if she stayed with the ghosts.

Prachi says in fact I know a good mantra to shoo away the bhoot/prêt. He asks her to chant. Prachi says if I read that mantra now then the bhoot will run away with whom I came to talk. Ranbir looks on. They smile. Prachi tells him about Maya and tells him that she is not a good girl. They share sweet moments and get on arguing like usual. The moment revives their old memories. Prachi informs him about Saloni, who could help them in knowing more about Maya’s weaknesses to expose her truth. Ranbir targets Maya.

Amar feels Shiv is the best brother in the world. He praises Shiv for giving Ananya to him. Shiv is ready to sacrifice his love. He wants Ananya to love Amar. Shiv tells Amar that he will break Ananya’s heart, then she will be accepting Amar. Amar plans to kill Shiv after getting Ananya’s love. He follows the tips of killing a devil. He is sure that he will be killing Shiv on the same day when Shiv loses his love. He hides his devious plans from Shiv and Ananya. Shiv falls in huge danger.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:
Kalyani wants to confess love to Malhar. He gets helpless after receiving a threatening letter from Sampada. She keeps her condition for marriage, so that they can bring another child in the world to save Moksh’s life. She leaves the house and puts Moksh’s life in risk. Malhar and Kalyani feel the pain of separation. Sampada continues to threaten Malhar. Kalyani doesn’t give up. She threatens Sampada about her crimes. She tells Sampada that Rachit and she will be going to the jail once they are caught by Malhar. She asks Sampada to get ready for the IVF procedures or go to the jail. Sampada gets worried for her future. Kalyani makes a plan to save Moksh.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhari: Gudiya ends the ongoing family fight in the house with Nanhe lal’s help. They have an emotional union. Gudiya washes away the partition line and tells that everything is fine, the line is wiped out in heart so it shall not remain in the house. Ballu greets everyone standing in the window and asks them to come to his house for a surprise. They all get anxious to know what is the surprise.

Best comment on Kumkum Bhagya’s last post by Indrani Dutta:
I want the culprits to be caught. Can’t watch always the evil winning. And I want Ranbir and Prachi together.

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