Sonakshi Kahan Hum Upcoming Beyhadh Spoilers Lined

Kahaan Hum Alarming shock Sonakshi critical missing

Sonakshi Kahan Hum Upcoming Beyhadh Spoilers Lined Mahesh makes an entry in Sonakshi’s life again. Nishi employs Mahesh for her purpose. She gets Mahesh to fulfill her task, while she faces the family allegations. Nishi acts innocent and makes entire Sippy family against Sonakshi. Sonakshi doesn’t change her mind and stays strong. She wants justice for Naren and also clear her name from the fraud. She blames Nishi for the crimes. Nishi gets her family’s support and tries to oust Sonakshi. She plays a suicide game to make Rohit against Sonakshi. She wants Rohit to believe her.

Nishi challenges Sonakshi that she will throw her out in 24 hours. Sonakshi tells Nishi that its just few hours and now she will be exposing Nishi. She tells that she will not be leaving Sippy mansion. She is sure that Rohit will stand by her. Mahesh wants Nishi to separate Rohit and Sonakshi. He gets mad for Sonakshi again. Sonakshi tells that she will prove Nishi’s truth. Nishi tells Sonakshi that she can dare to ruin everything, whoever comes in her way will die.

She tells that Rohit will kick her out. Sonakshi wants Rohit to know Nishi’s truth and get her punished. She doesn’t know how to prove her truth, since inspector is critical and the evidences are lost. The evil conspiracies will bring more troubles for Sonakshi.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani stops herself from replying to Malhar’s love confession after reading Sampada unreasonable demand from Malhar. Malhar and Kalyani get teary eyes. Malhar assures Kalyani that he will not marry Sampada in any circumstances. Kalyani tries to convince him to agree. Sampada calls Malhar and tells him that if he wants to save Moksh’s life then he has no option left with him than to marry her. Kalyani comes there in Charlie chaplin avatar and gives Moksh to Malhar. She puts the call on loudspeaker and tells that Malhar ji will search you and can you Rachit and you for attempting to kill me. She says choice is yours, agree for IVF or get ready to go to jail.

Rudra and Maya get married. He promises to give his life if she asks once. He tells her that he can do anything for her. She asks him to keep his life secured, since he is of her now. She wants his promise to give her anything she asks for in future. He doesn’t think that she will be asking fr Mrityunjay’s life. He promises her. Rudra brings Maya home and reveals that he has married Maya in Rishikesh. Maya seeks Mrityunjay’s blessings. Mrityunjay and Anjali are too shocked to see her.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan: Guneet and Amber continues to chat without knowing each other. Guneet messages him if someone can get into a relationship after meeting with him thrice. She writes that she didn’t do this before so doesn’t know, and writes you were married before and asks him to tell. Amber replies to him that neither light bulb lights up nor violin plays or no wind blows. Guneet replies then what does happen when you want to marry someone? Just then she sees a biker about to hit Amber on the road and shouts his name.

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