Kahaan Hum Promo NEW Divorce Sonakshi slaps Rohit

Kahaan Hum Promo NEW Divorce Sonakshi slaps Rohit

Kahaan Hum Promo NEW Divorce Sonakshi slaps Rohit Rohit misses to be on good terms with Naren. He wishes Naren to recover so that they have a good father-son bond. Veena meets Rohit and asks him to go. She sits with Naren. She asks Deepa to prepare the divorce papers soon. Rohit goes to his cabin. Sonakshi is much worried that she has no support. She has lost the evidences. She knows that the police inspector won’t be able to help her too. She wants some way to find help. Nishi is happy that Sonakshi has failed. She tells Sonakshi that she is fine, she has pretended to burn herself by taking measures, knowing Rohit and Yash will not let her die. She tells that she holds the courage to destroy everything.

She challenges Sonakshi that Rohit will throw her out in a day’s time. Sonakshi calls her a coward to hurt her own family. She tells that she will bring Nishi’s truth out. Nishi doesn’t think Sonakshi will find any source to get help. Sonakshi prays to find some source, who can make her win. Her prayers get answered. Ajit meets Rohit and reveals Sonakshi’s truth. He accepts his stupid plans that Sonakshi fell in problem. He tells that he got Sonakshi blackmailed by Yashwant and made her break her FD, since he was trapped in the gambling.

He also confesses of telling Suman the harsh truth of Naren’s relation with Pooja. He tells that Sonakshi hadn’t told any truth to Suman, she had been quiet to bear the consequences of everyone’s wrath just to save him(Ajit). He tells that Sonakshi is selfless and can never hurt anyone in the family. Rohit can’t believe him. He slaps Ajit in anger. He asks Ajit how could he put Sonakshi in trouble, he had made Sonakshi lie so much. He is much angered. Ajit tells him that he is ready to face his anger, but wants him to know Sonakshi’s truth.

Ajit feels that Nishi is really wrong, else Sonakshi would have not made this serious allegation. He asks Rohit to get to the root of the matter. Rohit calls Sonakshi and tells her that Ajit told her truth. He wants to meet her at home. Sonakshi gets delighted that Ajit initiated to instil Rohit’s faith. Elsewhere, Pari meets her friend and gets pills to abort the baby. Her friend asks her how could she get pregnant. Pari lies that she is aborting the child. She wants to give the medicines to Tanya so that Tanya undergoes a miscarriage.

She wants Rohan to come to her knowing about their coming baby. She thinks the baby will compel Rohan to come back. Meanwhile, Mahesh is mad at Sonakshi for marrying Rohit. He wants Sonakshi to suffer in the marriage. He tells that he will separate Rohit and Sonakshi. He is going to toughen her life, he doesn’t want her to stay happy. Nishi asks Mahesh to check all the evidences once. Mahesh doesn’t want to confirm. Nishi tells that its important to verify. She gets a huge shock when he tells her that there is no evidence, the inspector cheated them. He informs her about the inspector sending a courier to Rohit.

She realizes that inspector has sent the evidences to Rohit. She panics and tracks the parcel by calling the courier company. She thinks to go to the hospital and pick the parcel. Sonakshi hinders her and asks the cause of worry. Nishi swears to oust Sonakshi from the house. Sonakshi tells her that Rohit is again believing her and coming home for a talk. Nishi worries that he had received the parcel. She doesn’t waste time in argument. She goes to hospital to pick the courier before Rohit. She lies to Tulsi and gets the parcel. She finds just medicines in it. She learns about another parcel received before. She runs to Rohit’s cabin knowing he isn’t there.

She fears that she will get exposed. She faces Rohit, who has seen the evidences. He confronts Nishi about the murder attempt on Naren. She is shell shocked. Sonakshi gets decked up to meet Rohit. She hopes that their differences subside. She imagines a romantic moment with Rohit. She awaits Rohit. When he arrives, she runs to him with many dreams. Rohit shatters her dreams by slapping divorce papers on her. Sonakshi slips in trauma. She slaps Rohit in a fit of rage. She wants to know the reason for his decision. Rohit tells that he wants her to get free of all the problems. Why did Rohit take the extreme step, is it Veena’s compulsion or Nishi’s threatening? Keep reading.

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Best Comment by Sara:

Why don’t you guys ends up this Mahesh character from the show. It’s so irritating and once again the same story of a mad lover. Boring. It’s ok with all the blames on sonakshi. She with get the truth anyhow. It’s interesting and different. But not this Mahesh again for more madness. Please end it.

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  1. I too agree with Sara. I really hate this mahesh track. I know Rohit z acting the divorce drama, so that he can catch nishi red handed. Plz dont stretch this mahesh psycho…I hate it. N may be slapping rohit n leaving house ll be a part of drama.

  2. God!!! Why this Mahesh track again….it’s so irritating… please don’t make this boring and disgusting with all this non sensical tracks. Make it some what worth watching and not a worthless saga.

  3. Mahesh reentry to the sjow again is just not done .
    Dragging the story for nothing.
    Hate that character.
    N this Rohit?
    Who does he think he is ?
    Stop all this nonsense divorce scene .
    Sona…just be stromg ..Be urself .
    .Rohit is behaving a typical MCP here .

    Anyway ..angry going man ..
    What else u could do?? But this ..huh
    Ur countdown starts now ..

    Repent repent n repent..

  4. By bringing back Mahesh u ppl r encouraging stalking…..it’s high time u should start showing women strong rather than bechari abla naari this LL encourage the youth n bring confidence in them to face problems

  5. I too agree with Sara n others.. Please stop this Mahesh’s role ..it’s too irritating. It simply shows that writers have nothing else than to re-enter this disgusting character n stretch the serial. There are so many other problems of actors n doctors life..Why show these ‘ghisa- pita’ formulas??

  6. It was such a great show now it is just unbearable !!!

    All this for what? Rohit and Sonakshi were adorable together now EACH and every episode is full of nonsensical drama! What do the makers and writers think , we audience are craving for such crap? Dont we have enough of those already with so called high trp?

    Stopped watching

    Very disappointed fan

    • I totally agree… I loved the freshness of the show, the little comical, little romantic, and the interaction with audience by Sonakshi. Also, what’s up with her wearing sari?? She looked soo good in different and earlier outfits, it was more natural and normal. And we were enjoying light show, now it is just another saas bahu show, with all the blame on sonakshi, and her whole life concentrated in resolving everyone’s issues that too in a typical bahu avatar. I liked her dresses earlier in show, that’s how it should be for realistic portrait of a celebrity character.

      Plus, stop portraying being in entertainment industry is bad. Everyone is targetting sonakshi from beginning that being a show actor is low class job.

      I really hope, writers can bring the freshness of the show back, or I am done watching this crap.

  7. Mahesh entry is nonsense…can’t stand him…everything was going well now this Mahesh drama…ugh he needs to be out if the show needs 5 star.

  8. Plz close this Mahesh’s character. It is so irritating. Do some other drama to continue this show. Like doing some drama to reveal nishi evil character

  9. Please stop this Mahesh role ..it’s too irritating. It simply shows that writers have nothing else than to re-enter this disgusting character n stretch the serial. There are so many other problems of actors n doctors life..Why show these stupidity..plz stop this nishi drama.and change the track.show some love bond between ronakshi.

  10. Plz stop this mahesh story, he should be learn big lesson from rohit atleast this kind of people will be alert to do like this bluddy drama.

  11. In all tv series the so called bahu is made victim for all problems…..the bahu which is shown very ideal……how come all the blames r put on only such bahus…
    This kind of serial parampara is going on since years….
    I think the concept of topics in serials should be changed……wen empowerment should be the limelight topic….to encourage youngsters and upcoming generations

  12. Whr commissioner uncle of Rohit goes away at this time and not updating any thing to Rohit? Why sonakshi never take Rohit into confidence for anything and try to prove matter which she can easily tell rohit in d beginning.. Total nonsense is going on now. Very disappointed

  13. Please end this Mahesh character and extreme nature of nishi because everywhere she reaches to trap the evidence and why every time sonakshi is blamed

  14. Please expose nishi in front of everyone and end up all kinds of blame i.e put up on sonakshi She (Nishi) isn’t doing correct thing by hacking the pacemaker so stop this nonsense and especially that divorce and all those


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