Kundali Bhagya Trapped Karan Preeta Courtroom drama

Kundali Bhagya Trapped Karan Preeta Courtroom drama

Kundali Bhagya Trapped Karan Preeta Courtroom drama Preeta thinks of Karan, whom she has misunderstood once again. She wonders if he is really marrying Mahira. She feels hurt that he always breaks her trust, or maybe she allows him to do this. Karan is sure that Preeta didn’t push Mahira as seen in the video. He wants everyone to know that she is innocent. He has promised to get her released from the jail. He has made the deal with Mahira just for Preeta’s freedom. He is sure that Mahira will give statement in Preeta’s favor and get her a clean chit. Mahira is outsmarting Sherlyn. She insults Sherlyn in anger about the slap. She calls Sherlyn a loser.

She tells that she isn’t like Sherlyn to love someone and marry someone else. Sherlyn acts innocent. Mahira tells that Sherlyn is nothing in front of her. Sherlyn wants to know what is Mahira doing. Mahira tells that she won’t do as Karan wants, she will just do what she wants, Preeta will be in jail. Meanwhile, Rishabh wants some assurance from Karan. He asks Karan about speaking to Mahira. Karan feels low and hugs Rishabh. He gets emotional. Rishabh doesn’t know what happened to Karan. Aroras prepare for Preeta’s case. Sarla is sure that they will get Preeta out of the jail. She is scared of the consequences.

She has seen Preeta’s belief for Karan, even when he has hurt her a lot. She doesn’t know when did Preeta get such strong belief. Biji is happy that Karan is supporting her. Sarla knows Karan and hopes that he supports Preeta. She tells that he is unpredictable, sometimes he shocks them by changing his decisions, like he married Preeta and then left her on the roads. She knows that Preeta will shatter if Karan cheats her this time. They leave for the court. Kareena and Ramona are glad that Preeta will lose and get out of their lives. Rishabh tells Sameer and Kritika that Mahira promised to give statement in Preeta’s favor.

Rishabh asks them to keep it a secret, else the family drama will get unstoppable. Dadi tells Rishabh that she wants to go to the court. She doesn’t want him to stop her. Luthras plan to go for the hearing. Karan is upset since he has promised to marry Mahira. Sherlyn understands that he is stuck in a helpless situation. Karan hides the deal truth from Rishabh. Shrishti is stressed. She wants to talk to Karan and ask him to support Preeta. She can’t see Preeta shattering. She doesn’t want Karan to bring the old differences on front. Karan meets Mahira and asks her to get ready. Mahira insists him to have tea. He wants to know what’s on her mind.

She shows her belief on Karan. He asks her why is she not going to the court. She tells that she is not worried now, since he will keep his promise. She feels Karan should be happy to marry her, not just to help Preeta. Karan expresses his happiness for their marriage. Mahira insists him to hug her. He tells her that he isn’t comfortable to hug her as a couple, since they aren’t married. She tells him that she will come to the court after meeting the doctor. He is grateful that she is supporting him. Karan tells Rishabh that Mahira will come herself.

Sharma calls Sherlyn. She knows he is going to lose the case. Rakhi asks her to come with them. Sherlyn tells that she will come later and get her mom along. She meets Sharma, who demands money. She tells him that she will give money after he does her work. He further threatens her. What is Mahira planning against Preeta? Keep reading.

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  1. Everyday I wake up hoping for a change in kundali bhagya but the same thing is happening again and again. I feel new characters should be added to the show some on both sides sherlyn and preeta . We all know that good people get hurt but not always. Preeta should be able to stand for herself this time it is too much..

  2. Is boring why will evil always win?am tired of this scrap series,this is teaching ppl not to be good,it only spread bad eggs are better than good ones so is better to change pls if not we will quite

  3. When is Sherlyn going to start showing….. and is supposed to be pregnant. And when is Maheshji coming out of coma?
    This is going round and round….. when will something exciting happen..i.e Sherlyn/ Prithvi exposed??

  4. Basically kundali bhagya revolves around evil plans and police station.We are really fools to still watch the senseless serial.Though there are amazing actors .

  5. Apparently the writer of this serial wants all to believe all Indians are fools and very gullible ( No purn intended)… Dear writer please make your stories more realistic and stop feeding us trash, if it’s not loss of memory today, then it is almost being revealed but… or the antagonist is forever getting away with evil. Please do us a favor and put an end to this your merry go round story except maybe your targeted audience are kindergartens…
    It’s very irritating


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