Kumkum Bhagya Zee Rhea close escape Ranbir chases

Kumkum Bhagya Zee Rhea close escape Ranbir chases

Kumkum Bhagya Zee Rhea close escape Ranbir begins chase Maya meets Saloni and tells that she knows the truth that Saloni is lying to fail her case. Saloni tells her that she is also aware of the truth that Maya falsely accused Ranbir and framed him. Saloni wants to ruin Maya’s plans. Maya asks what does she want. Saloni wants peace by making Maya cry. Maya tells that she will give her money to stop her. Saloni demands one lakh rupees. Maya is ready to pay her.

She informs Rhea that she has met Saloni. Rhea feels that everything will get sorted soon, since Prachi will be out of Ranbir’s life. Saloni calls Prachi and tells her that Maya offered money to her to make her drop the plans. She can’t believe that Prachi expected the same. Prachi asks her to threaten Maya, so that the enemy comes out in open.

She asks Saloni to execute their plan. Ranbir likes Prachi’s plan. He calls her very smart. Prachi tells him that the case can end today, since Maya has offered money to Saloni. She wants to be with Maya and irritate her so that Maya gets caught in the act. She asks Ranbir to make a video and collect the evidence. Ranbir tells her that he is lost in her talks. He tells that he started liking her. She doesn’t tell him the same. She asks him to be at Saloni’s house and capture a video. Rhea meets Maya.

Maya tells that Saloni is taking revenge on her and wants one lakh rupees. Rhea tells Maya that they will pay money to Saloni. They get a shock when Prachi comes there. Prachi tells that she has come to meet Maya. Rhea gets worried. She doesn’t want to get caught. Prachi suspects someone’s presence. She wants to check her house. She spots someone hiding. Maya doesn’t let her see Rhea. Prachi calls Ranbir and asks him to be alert. Rhea runs out and informs Maya that she is going to pay money to Saloni. Rhea’s car breaks down. Ranbir meets her.

She tells him that she has to take the car to the garage. He offers lift. She tells him that she will meet him later. On the other hand, Ranbir’s dad Vikram plans a makeover for Ranbir’s cabin. Abhi tells Vikram that Rhea is renovating Aaliya’s cabin. Abhi recalls Aaliya’s lie. He thinks Aaliya and Rhea are hiding something. He wants to find out. He goes to confront them. Prachi doesn’t find Rhea there. She thinks the person has run away from Maya’s house. She thinks maybe the person has gone to Saloni’s house to give the money. Maya calls Saloni to inform that her friend is coming to give money.

Prachi informs Ranbir that the person is coming to meet Saloni, stay alert and make a video. Ranbir meets Saloni and thanks her for support. She praises him, since he is a nice guy. Rhea arrives there to meet Saloni. Elsewhere, Pragya misses Abhi and wants to talk to her. She doesn’t know the reason for her calls disconnecting. She wants to know it from Purab. Rhea spots Ranbir’s car and doesn’t get caught. She takes Saloni with her. Abhi checks Aaliya’s cabin. He wants to know why did Aaliya give much cash to Rhea. He thinks to ask Rhea directly. Rhea thinks she has taken a big risk by meeting Saloni.

She pays the money to Saloni. Rhea worries knowing Ranbir is around. She asks Saloni about Ranbir. Saloni wants to know why is Rhea on Maya’s side. Ranbir tries to rush and know about the person. Saloni tells Ranbir that the girl is his friend, she was just here. He tells that he didn’t call anyone. He thinks the girl is smart and guessed his presence by seeing his car. Rhea calls Maya to tell about Ranbir. She realizes that Prachi and Ranbir are up to something, they are playing a game with her to catch her red-handed. She realizes that Prachi is supporting Ranbir. She doesn’t want to fall in Ranbir’s eyes.

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Best comment by Theo:

Seriously! To watch serials of Balaji is senseless & waste of time. Nothing she make for trp. Since first episode i’m watching her serials, but now a days I stopped because same thing is going on from lst years. No conclusion is coming out and getting worse day by day. Kumkum and kundali Bhagya.

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