Kahaan Hum Bold makeover Sonakshi Sippys pay back

Kahaan Hum Bold makeover Sonakshi Sippys pay back

Kahaan Hum Bold makeover Sonakshi Sippys pay back time Sonakshi’s new change will be seen. She becomes a strong and determined person with big goals. Sonakshi recovers with time. Suman and Pari meet her and support her in the tough phase. Suman protects Sonakshi. Pari can’t tolerate the sight. She knows Sonakshi is a good-hearted person, who is still deceived by Sippys. She gets revengeful on Sippys, who ruined her family. She doesn’t think Sippys deserve happiness. She wants to punish them and take her revenge on Tanya first. She calls Rahul to seek Rohan’s details. She lies that she is moving on and wants to apologize to Rohan. She fools him and gets Rohan’s location.

Rohan takes Tanya for dinner. Tanya spots Pari around and reacts in fear. Rohan calms her. Pari drugs the food to get Tanya’s child aborted. Rohan stops Pari and reprimands her for the bad act. He threatens her. He wants to protect Tanya and his coming child. He confesses his love for Tanya. This rages Pari even more. Sonakshi sinks in sorrow. Suman cheers her up. She asks her not to think of Sippys, who couldn’t value her. She tells tht Sippys aren’t capable to handle her stardom and success. She feels its good that Sonakshi got rid of Sippys.

She motivates Sonakshi to build her career again. She wants her to focus on her work and prosper well. Sonakshi agrees to her. She feels she was a fool to believe in her love. She doesn’t want to think of Rohit’s love. She is badly cheated. She feels Rohit has killed her and now a new Sonakshi will be born, who will be strong-headed and too successful that she can give an answer to Sippys. She burns Rohit’s picture and makes him out of her heart. She wants to hurt Sippys by her success. She gets determined to fulfill her goals.

Elsewhere, Rohit feels lonely. He is seen hurting himself by drinking much liquor. He wants to poison his life by ruining his career. He doesn’t want to do successful surgeries and earn for Nishi, who has taken control over Sippy hospital and property. He wants Nishi to suffer. He misses Sonakshi. He tells that he never deserved her. He feels he had to do this with Sonakshi and make her hate him so that she can move on happily with confidence. He doesn’t want Sonakshi to get a heartbreak after knowing his truth. He wishes Sonakshi hates him more and more, so that the hatred drives her ahead. He is ready to bear anything to see her successful in life.

He turns up at the hospital when Nishi summons him for an important surgery. His drunken state makes the person lose faith in him. He loses the surgery and also spoils his reputation, hard-earned since years. He cares nothing about himself. Nishi worries seeing her plan failing. Ajit tells Nishi that this day had to come, since she has taken over all their possessions and also harmed Naren and Rohit’s lives, but she can never control them. He asks her to run the hospital on her own. Nishi knows its impossible to run Sippy hospital without Rohit. Ajit curses Nishi.

Meanwhile, Sonakshi gets back in form and resumes her shoot. The media talks about Ronakshi divorce, which has become a breaking news in recent times. The reporters reach the sets to take Sonakshi’s interview. They question Sonakshi about the divorce. Sonakshi doesn’t answer the media. She gets a warm welcome by her co-stars and crew. She wants to do good work. Sumit tackles the matter when some colleagues gossip about Sonakshi’s divorce and blame her for the relation’s ugly end. Sonakshi doesn’t want anyone to blame her, since she had enough. Sumit supports Sonakshi as a good friend.

Sonakshi declares that her marriage is broken now. She wants to make her identity without her husband’s support. She tells that women are always self-sufficient. She tells Sumit that she will work so hard that she achieves much success. Sumit is with her. Suman meets Sonakshi and explains a building project. She wants to get the property. Sonakshi asks her to go ahead with her plans. She wants to insult Sippys by slapping her success on their face. Ajit informs her about Rohit’s whereabouts. Sonakshi goes to meet Rohit. She finds him drunk and uttering nonsense. Rohit insults her once again to make her away from his life.

He asks her not to plead for her, he will never accept her. She blames him for ending her belief in love. She tells that she will be successful and then tackle him. Rohit hurts her heart. Sonakshi hates him further. She is ashamed that she fell in love with a feeble-minded guy. She wants to prove that she doesn’t need Rohit and can lead her life well. Rohit also wants her success. He wishes her good luck. He prays for her, like a true helpless lover. Sonakshi will be seen in a bold look after the short leap of four months. Sonakshi will be seen making Sippys pay back for their misdeeds, injustice, and breaking her trust again.

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Best Comment by Antonette Dcosta:

Separation and divorce, these two are NOT the solutions to solve any family matters. Love is the true healing balm to any negativity in life. For once show that true love can conquer anything. Please bring Rohit and Sonakshi together again and let them both fight against the family and sort out the family matter. Hey creative writers, we as viewers want something good and different to watch! We want to watch goodness happening in a TV series and not revenge.

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  1. All the creative team abruptly make the lead couple separate due to misunderstanding or some other reason, then the followers/ fan do start disliking the show. It was a good show and damaged so badly now. Trust should not have broken between the true lovers, between them no question of evidence if the one of the partner says something to him/ or her, her saying should hv been enough. Here all the serials wants proof between couples. Within four months of starting the show the interest is vanishing. Now only not watching only reading updates if something good happens.

    • Seriously, this was one of my favourite show also seeing true love can beat anyone… Truth wins over evil…but every time creative team wants to prove that evil. Wins over truth and love has to be separated…. Why did they make this serial also like others.. Why can’t you make it different. Sonakshi was brilliant that she could read what’s there in Rohit’s eyes… Then. Why couldn’t she read now… How could she leave … Bring her back and the 2 love birds should not be separated

  2. If the show is focused on Rohit and Sonakshi , it would be a delight to watch as the actors playing this roles are brilliant , especially Rohit !

    Now I hope it is still not too late to set right a damaged story of the two main actors but please donot being in all that saas bahu buaa villain drama . That is sickening as the writers think that audience are nincompoops .
    I hate all Ekta kapoor shows KHKT was like a breath of fresh air Rohit and Sonakshi nok jhok were amazing. Even now when I watch those previous episodes it brings a smile on my face . So please go back to that and you will save the show . Fans will continue appreciating and watching the show.

    If you are so worried about trp then probably you should also check how many fans watch on hotstar because I wait for 6 am every morning for this show…at least now when the focus is back on Rohit and Sonakshi. Good Luck!

  3. Personally, this divorce was quite evident.. since, Rohit always gave a second citizen treatment to his wife. Any woman in today’s world if not more than his husband’s mother at least deserves equal footing in priority, the show has actually moved in the right course. If after all this, she would have stayed with him it would be superficial and at the same time it would help promulgate wives as second class citizen. Mummy se zyada important ni hoskti biwi, but usse Kam bhi ni hoskti. That is my stance on this. Also, with time if Rohit realises and Sonakshi is ready to forgive him, I have no issues in their reconciling. But for right now, Rohit deserves this.

  4. We are heartbroken to see so much rage anger frustration n revenge thruout the show now .
    Pls put an end to it .bring love back again with Ronakshi together..
    Where will the storyline head to finally if they continue this rage Btwn Ronakshi all The way ..
    Makers creative team the writers..
    We as viewers want to watch positivity in the show .
    Let Ronakshi clear their misunderstanding n walk ahead together to solve the problem.
    This will bring back the essence o Khkt more than what it is ongoing now .

  5. I like this current track the bold character of Sonakshi and her courage for taking her own stand …. what should actually be done ……. especially Not like other serials the bahu is blamed , treated badly , has to hear all crossing limits and then she solves the matter and she is loved agin and moves on forgetting everything….

  6. I think Sonakshi should also take her stand for frequently being called by rohit “humari falimy se dur raho, and tum humare problems ke beech mei mat bolo ”
    Everytime she was told this, like during Pooja’s adoption track, current track , property division track …
    Why can’t she speak man if she isn’t ur family why did u call her wife

  7. I somehow liked today’s episode,strong Sonakshi. But,when Ajit knows, many others would have known too. I still didn’t get Nishi controlling Narens life through app. How silly? Is it so difficult to flick her mobile phone and not let Nishi control Narens life. Pari looked really caring for her sister today. My wait to watch at 6:10 a.m did not disappoint me. Phulki has joined another show Barister Babu. As a brother character is missing from the show.

  8. I somehow liked today’s episode,strong Sonakshi. But,when Ajit knows, many others would have known too. I still didn’t get Nishi controlling Narens life through app. How silly? Is it so difficult to flick her mobile phone and not let Nishi control Narens life. Pari looked really caring for her sister today. My wait to watch at 6:10 a.m did not disappoint me. Phulki has joined another show Barister Babu. As a brother character is missing from the show.Pari must use her smartness to teach Sippyz a lesson. Whole family which never trusted ,but always insulted Sona should be taught a lesson.

  9. Pari, instead of ruining Rohan and Tanya’s life, she can join hands with Ajith to solve this mess. Writers, request you not to show us the same’ revenge, hatred and leap track’ that others serials show us. Now, only Ajith, Pari and Pulkit( the character which has been missing for so long) can save Ronakshi and the sinking boat of the show. We as viewers, had enjoyed the show initially. At least till Dec ’19. But from Jan 2020, the show is getting boring and draggy.

  10. The initial start of the show was amazing and so very different from regular boring serials . Current track of the show just spooky everything badly . Rohit and his mother’s character has been ruined so badly by the makers . I don’t understand y is so necessary to bring a villain in every story and just when d whole track was going to set right dey suddenly show d stupid and dumb act of hacking a pace maker .
    Anyways now hopefully Sonakshi’s new entry with a changed attitude is working well but feeling extremely bad for Rohit’s conditions…such a renowned doctor is just spooky his career just coz he’s helpless.
    Waiting to c again a crisp love story where hatred turns into love again and d culprits are punished and d best jodi of Ronakshi comes together again .

  11. This is he same story of Devakshi in Kuch rang pyar ke aaise bhi just moulded in different characters like Docter and actress and in krpkab there was businessman and doctor history is getting reapted nothing else just pushing story..I was so glad when in this serial Rohit and sonakshi was facing difficulties together and the used to get back to each other but now story is worst get them back soon please don’t repeat history I want to see them together not like this.

  12. Rohit being a heart specialist I think it is possible to remove the hacked pace maker with a new one…and also bring the sweetest Sonakshi back..and control Nishi without her knowledge…


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