Shakti NEW Virat stunned Heer takes a strong stand

Shakti Harak to kill Virat Heer secret under wraps

Shakti NEW Virat stunned Heer takes a strong stand Rohan understands why Heer doesn’t want to go in front of Sant Baksh. She doesn’t want to complicate the things for Virat and her. Virat gives her bouquet for their friendship. The love is blossoming between the two, although they don’t realize it. They come out to have golgappa. Nutan comes there. Heer introduces Nutan to Virat, saying she is her friend. Virat greets her. Nutan tells them that she will pray for their friendship to remain forever and makes them have golgappa with her hand. She goes to her kinnars standing at a distance. Virat asks Heer why Nutan went to kinnars.

Heer says as she is a kinnar. Virat says friendship with kinnars, feels disgusted. Heer is shocked that he feels ashamed to talk to kinnars and gets disgusted feeling. She takes a stand for kinnars and leaves from there. Later, Virat tries to talk to her in the college and to give her chocolate. Soham stops Virat. Heer tells Soham that she will answer him. She tells Virat that she has no interest to talk to him. Virat looks shattered to lose his only friend and determines to cheer up. Heer’s stubbornness changes Virat’s thoughts for kinnars.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhaari: Ballu’s wife Champa is Pappu’s ex girlfriend who had left him. Sweety asks Champa why two sisters married the same guy. Champa tells that she used to love a guy in college and they have decided to get married in temple, but he betrayed her and escaped. Champa and Chameli take out Ballu’s pic from the wall and look at Pappu’s pic hanging on the wall. Later they see Pappu with Sweety. Ballu introduces Champa to Pappu and others. Pappu gets shocked to know that Champa is Ballu’s wife. Champa determines to take revenge from Pappu and his family with Chameli’s help.

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