Kahaan Hum Starplus Bravo shockers Ronakshi remarriage

Starplus Bravo shockers Ronakshi remarriage
Picture 4 Rohit saves Sonakshi from falling into the pool and hears her hearty emotions, feeling guilty of ditching her on Nishi's command. He loves her and this moment proves his true unspoken love.

Kahaan Hum Starplus Bravo shockers Ronakshi remarriage Kahaan Hum Starplus Wedding shocker Sonakshi Bravo Akash and Deepa get upset that Nishi disconnected Sonakshi’s call. Nishi tells them that Sonakshi and her family aren’t their well-wishers, Sonakshi was just faking concern and wishes towards them. Nishi plans something to make them against Sonakshi again. She sends a cactus plant as gift for Akash and Deepa from Sonakshi’s side. Veena reacts in anger on seeing the gift and want it to thrown out. Nishi asks them to check the gift. She asks Akash and Deepa to decide now if they want to keep terms with Sonakshi. She tells that Sonakshi has sent curses for their marriage. She doesn’t want them to have any sympathy for Sonakshi. Akash and Deepa get against Sonakshi. They fall in Nishi’s words.

Meanwhile, Rohit meets Dr. Vandana, the gynac, who is treating Pari in her pregnancy phase. He learns that Pari is making her baby a medium for her revenge on the baby’s father. He knows that Pari is angered on Rohan for the cheat. He doesn’t want Pari to use the baby as a shield. He wants to meet Pari and talk to her once. He asks Vandana to help him in fixing a meet with Pari. Vandana calls Pari and asks her to meet at the same coffee shop. He goes to meet Pari.

Rohan tells Rahul that Pari is pregnant and this truth may break his marriage. He decides to get Pari’s baby aborted. Rahul doesn’t think its possible. Rohan wants to kidnap Pari and force her for abortion. He tells Rahul that Rohit won’t tell Tanya about Pari’s pregnancy, but he still has to handle the matter before Pari shocks him. He sends Rahul after Pari.

Elsewhere, Sonakshi meets a film producer Ranjan at a coffee shop. She hopes to get the work so that she can help Suman in managing their home. Ranjan gets chasing Sonakshi, knowing her bad phase. He fools her and spikes the coffee. He lies about the audition and asks her to accompany him to the room where his team will go through her portfolio. He waits for her to get unconscious. He informs his assistant that he has taken control over Sonakshi. Sonakshi loses out her conscious self after consuming the spiked coffee. He tries to take advantage of her state. She acts alert, wise and daring. She stops him right there when he touches her.

She limits Ranjan and exposes her right away in front of the people in the coffee shop. She tells him that she isn’t new in the industry, she knows such casting crimes well. She reveals that Ranjan had spiked the coffee and wanted to take her to the hotel room for an audition. She tells that Ranjan has evil intentions, people like him defame their industry. Ranjan gets a huge shock when Sonakshi ruins his plans. She exposes his bald head by pulling out his wig. She laughs on his baldness and wicked heart. The people find her daring that she has humiliated the producer well to teach him a lesson of lifetime.

She tells the people that Ranjan can’t be trusted and girls should stay away from him. She tells Ranjan that she isn’t a weak girl to compromise for a role. She wants to get good work on the basis of her talent. She keeps her self esteem. She stays intoxicated due to the pills effect. She still saves herself and also makes Ranjan run for his life. Sonakshi’s brave move gets applauded by one and all. Ranjan gets enough humiliation. Sonakshi tells that she will give him a bath by hot coffee. Ranjan runs away when the people support her. He doesn’t want the harsh punishment. Sonakshi doesn’t spare him. She follows Ranjan to punish him.

Rohit reaches the same coffee shop to meet Pari. He sees Sonakshi’s portfolio folder lying on the table. He enquires about her. He learns about Sonakshi’s dramatic and daring move to expose a film producer’s cheapness. He runs to see Sonakshi, if she is fine or not. He finds Sonakshi and the people chasing Ranjan. Sonakshi thanks the people. She stays strong like always. Rohit finds her falling into the pool, being intoxicated. He manages to reach her on time and hold her hand to rescue. He hugs his love and recalls their past journey. He cherishes their memories, feeling much love for her. Sonakshi doesn’t identify him.

They have cute moments when she compliments his handsome looks. She then gets emotional and tells that he looks like her husband, who abandoned her. Rohit feels sorry. He calls Sumit there, while she falls unconscious. He asks Sumit to take Sonakshi home and not tell her about him. Sumit takes Sonakshi home and informs Suman about the fraud producer. Suman tells that Sonakshi is broken and needs a strong support to stabilize her life. She asks Sumit to marry Sonakshi. She finds Sumit the best guy for Sonakshi.

Other side, Nishi suggests Veena to get Rohit married again, so that he gets a balance in his life. Veena also thinks that Rohit needs a life partner. Talks begin about Rohit and Sonakshi’s second marriage respectively. Ultimately, Ronakshi’s remarriage will be seen, since Sumit won’t marry her, knowing Rohit’s immense love for her. Sumit will play an angel to unite them. How will Ronakshi expose Nishi’s truth? Keep reading.

Best comment by Rashmita savaliya:

Wonderful show. Never missed a single episode. Love it very much. But I don’t like when I came to know about it’s off air. Please continue with a Rohit and Sonaxshi love moments once again. Their chemistry is awesome. Want to see everyday without fail. Directors please reconsider your decision.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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  1. I wish the makers n channel to extend such a awesome show. I love their acting n chemistry. When the channel can run other shows which doesn’t have a story line, how can they stop such an wonderful show. I dont understand what’s the reason behind..

  2. Horrible storyline! What started as “This is not a tv serial, it’s real life” has turned into just that! The romance, lightheartedness, real life challenges, is all gone now. It doesn’t make sense anymore. Glad it is going off air

  3. My favourite show I hope the producer’s rethink of closing the show they should give it a little bit of time and fresh story lines i’m sure that the show will garner alot of respect and a wide audience it is getting better it is a shame to know that the show is ending so soon.

  4. We love this serial a lot . This is the only show we all have followed from the starting. It’s true that the current track has made the show monotonous but we hope for ronakshi’s cute moments to be back. Directors please reconsider your decision. We want ronakshi

  5. today’s episode was so awesome…really it was very positive…this is what we were missing…thak god i decided to stick to this show… i will never discontinuewatching it…lovely show… channel please do not off air this show…its awesome…Nishi should be revealed faster.

  6. look at other saas bahu serial who have worst plot than what is criticised now…but those shows are still. running…this show is far more better than the rest…

  7. Ronakshi s magical chemistry will.be missed ..
    Hope the channel n mlakers reconsider their decision n stop being the daily from being off air.
    I m a die hard fan o Ronakshi.
    Watch as many times I can everyday without fail .
    It feels sad that we have only few weeks left only if they decide to go o
    ff air .
    Khkt will leave an imprint o beautiful essence in our heart for long thou .
    Love u Ronakshi loads ❤❤

  8. Better if this serial ends as it has become another family drama. It’s about fights and negativity… The serial has started in a good note, had liked it’s humour and romance but then after the wedding it became just like the other serials it lost its novelty. Sad, that the creative writers couldn’t be more creative with it….

  9. KHKT is Extremely enjoyable serial. I like everything about Deepika Kakkar since the day I saw her in Bigg Boss & wanted her victory. She is incomparable, very intelligent, controlled & dignified lady ,no comparison to obnoxious charactered winner of BB 13 Siddhartha. He has no. gravity of character of BB 12 winner Deepika Madam. We wish her more success & happiness. This. time u will get film offer & give a good fight for success on film too

  10. I’ve been literally waiting for this epi. we fans are terribly missing Ronakshi scenes and finally we could see some change in the track hope things would get fine between them.pls …….. don’t end KHKT .it is the only television soap different from other( in its initial time) . There are many stupid shows rather than shutting them why’re you people behind KHKT. Please change your decision, even now it’s not late. Change the track back and add more Ronakshi scenes or reveal Nishi’s truth to sippy family then everything will be sorted.even TRP will raise on its own. Pls save KHKT…pls

  11. I haven’t missed a single episode. It’s a beautiful storyline, so different from any other daily soap.. Their chemistry is eye catching and unique, there is so much spark !!! But extremely upset hearing about the show going off air. There are many daily soaps lined up having no storyline and still being stretched, just don’t understand why this had to happen to this show!! Hoping and praying the channel reconsiders it’s decision!! Die hard fan of Ronakshi and they deserved to be watched and blessed!! Fingers crossed


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