Zee Kumkum Bhagya NEW Episode Prachi clever trap

Zee Kumkum Bhagya NEW Episode Prachi clever trap

Zee Kumkum Bhagya NEW Episode Prachi clever trap Prachi and Ranbir come to meet Maya’s family to know about the function at home. They get confused seeing the function preparations. They ask for Maya. They get to meet Maya’s parents and tell that they are Maya’s friends. They change their names and lie to them. They deliver Maya’s engagement dress. They try to know more about Maya so that they can find some clues. Prachi lies that Maya has told them about her fiance.

Maya’s parents tell about Mohit, who is a politician’s son. Ranbir offers them help. Prachi and Ranbir leave from Maya’s house and come up with an idea. Ranbir calls her a magician who can set everything fine. He tells that they have got enough details about Maya. Prachi is upset that he always argues.

She tells him that they will threaten Maya about spoiling her engagement if she doesn’t tell them the truth. Ranbir likes the idea. Shahana and Aryan meet them, and ask about their plan. On the other side, Aaliya instigates Rhea against Prachi. She tells that she will arrange the money to give to Maya and Saloni. She fears that Prachi will become a big problem for them. She asks Rhea to get serious and tackle her.

Rhea gets worried when Aaliya scares her of possibilities. Aaliya asks her to keep an eye on Prachi. Prachi tells Shahana that she will threaten Maya to get proof for Ranbir’s innocence. She is sure that Maya will get trapped and fear about losing Mohit.

Ranbir is sure that this plan will work and Maya will admit the truth. He calls Prachi a smart girl. He tells that they will together target Maya. Prachi hurries to execute her plan. Sarita tells Prachi and Shahana about the event. She wants them to accompany. Shahana makes an excuse that Prachi has a stomach ache. Pragya asks Prachi to take rest, being convinced by Shahana’s lies. Maya calls Rhea to demand the diamond necklace. She blackmails Rhea. She tells that her marriage can break. She wants Rhea to not avoid her. Rhea vents anger on her.

Maya calms down when Rhea asks her to get lost. She apologizes. Rhea is troubled. She tells that she has already bought the diamond necklace and will soon give it. Maya thanks her and invites her in her engagement. She gets greedy for the necklace. Rhea thinks to give her necklace to Maya, since Abhi won’t ever check her jewellery. Meanwhile, Abhi speaks to Aaliya about Rhea. He doesn’t want her to spoil Rhea. He tells that she shouldn’t pamper Rhea or give her excess money. Aaliya apologizes to her. He tells that she should say sorry to Rhea and outright refuse to help her for her unreasonable demands.

Aaliya agrees to him. Vikram calls Abhi to ask for help. Ranbir asks them the problem. Vikram tells Abhi that his staff didn’t arrange for the engagement event. Ranbir asks him not to vent anger on him. Vikram asks Abhi to help him in his hotel business. Abhi wants to focus on his work. Ranbir also refuses to handle Vikram’s hotel staff. Sarita, Pragya and Shahana come to Vikram’s hotel for the same event. They have to manage the catering. Vikram reaches the hotel and thinks to meet Prachi’s mom.

Best comment by Abhigya fan:
I still believe in the true love Abhi and Pragya represents. The barriers on their paths notwithstanding. We need a twist in the storyline for a change. These evils has dragged on for too long.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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