Zee Triple Hits Kundali Ishq SubhanAllah Raabta Upcoming

Zee Triple Hits Kundali Ishq SubhanAllah Raabta Upcoming

Zee Triple Hits Kundali Ishq SubhanAllah Raabta Upcoming Jalali hands over Kabeer and Zara to a Jinn. Zara is terrified knowing the truth. She tells Kabeer that they shouldn’t go ahead. Kabeer is determined to expose Jalali. Shahbaz asks Jalali why is he letting them stay here if they doubt. Jalali tells that he will hunt his prays after enjoying the chase well. He plans to kill Kabeer and Zara. Zara gets scared to face her childhood truth. She misses her brother, whom she lost in childhood. She wishes to meet Asim, who is a puppet of Jalali. Asim is forced to commit crimes by Jalali.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani threatens the hospital staff to get evidences. Atharv helps her. Malhar wants to meet Ahir once and prove that he isn’t genuinely ill. Jailer doesn’t allow him. Malhar turns angry and doubts on the jailer. He gets commissioner’s orders to meet Ahir. Kalyani finds Sampada paying big amount to a lady. Kalyani learns about Sampada hiring someone as the surrogate. She asks the nurse about Sampada. The nurse tells that Sampada can’t conceive and is helpless to hire a surrogate to get her child. Kalyani realizes that Sampada is lying to just avoid the pregnancy.

Kundali Bhagya:

Karan and Preeta fall in huge danger after getting kidnapped by Babbi. Babbi informs Sherlyn that Preeta is in his clutches. Sherlyn asks him to kill Preeta and send the picture of Preeta lying dead to her so that it gets confirmed. She wants Preeta dead, since Preeta isn’t getting away from her life. Babbi agrees to Sherlyn’s new command and demands more money. She is ready to pay anything to get Preeta killed. Karan overhears the conversation, not knowing that Sherlyn is on the other side of the call. Karan fights Babbi. He soon gets bashed up and tied to the chair. Preeta witnesses everything and gets into bold avatar to save Karan.

She doesn’t want Karan to suffer. She threatens Babbi that she will kill him in defense, even if police catches her, she is ready to bear punishment. She tells that she is already getting convicted in the court tomorrow when she is innocent, and she has no hesitant to really commit a crime since the punishment is already fixed. She asks him take her threatening seriously. She gets a bat to hit Babbi. Karan and Preeta get together to fight the kidnappers.

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  1. Oh please, are the series in India all about goons, trappings and killings? The series has lost its forcus, please catch shalyn and maira the game is over, let karan unite with preeta, series can go on with two people in love, they stay together and fight together, and stay together against all odds.
    Corupt police and judges to be exposed and jailed, over here I honestly think India is a place not to visit or where no police can help you. If you are in trouble unless you are rich you can bribe them, so Sad☹️


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