Kasautii Dark Promo Starplus Anurag Prerna scary fate

Kasautii Dark Promo Starplus Anurag Prerna scary fate

Kasautii Dark Promo Starplus Anurag Prerna death track There are huge twists coming up. Anurag and Prerna will be falling in danger. Anurag finds Viraj’s fake identities. He gets it confirmed that Viraj is a big cheat, he is ruining Prerna’s life for a purpose. He wants to confront Viraj and know his motives, the person who is instructing him to execute this evil. On the other hand, Prerna finds evidences against Komolika. She learns that Komolika is administering wrong medicines to slow down Anurag’s memory recovery. She goes to confront Komolika for this move. Anurag calls Viraj to vent anger. He reprimands Viraj for his huge fraud.

Viraj acts innocent and friendly. Anurag tells that he has known all his fake identities, he has the evidence and he is going to meet Prerna to reveal the truth. He tells that he earlier had a doubt and now has a proof. He wants to stop Prerna from marrying a fraud. Viraj is much tensed. Anurag tells him that Prerna won’t marry him now. He warns Viraj. Viraj is raged up and calls his fake parents to stop Anurag at any cost. He also calls his aide for the same purpose. Anurag bashes up Viraj’s aides. He gets into a fight. He then learns that Viraj’s parents are hired actors for the drama to trap Sharmas. Anurag’s phone falls down and gets off.

He fails to call Prerna. He rushes to Sharmas to tell the truth to Prerna. Viraj informs Komolika that Anurag has learnt his truth and threatened of exposing him. She asks him how could he be careless. He tells that Anurag was spying in his absence. She is worried too. He tells that he is trying to stop Anurag. He thinks to kill him. She threatens him and asks him not to harm Anurag. She tells her plan. She asks him to marry Prerna by force. Viraj doesn’t think its possible. She tells him that she will manipulate Prerna and send her to his farmhouse. Komolika shocks Prerna that Viraj convinced Veena to allow the marriage tomorrow.

Prerna didn’t know about it. Komolika tells that its happening since Prerna didn’t tell the truth to Viraj. She insults Prerna. Prerna tells that she will tell the truth to Viraj and stop the marriage. Komolika asks her if she is going to marry Viraj for money. Prerna asks her to stop the nonsense. She wants to meet Viraj right away. Komolika gives her the address of his farmhouse. Prerna tells that she will return with a good news. Komolika informs Viraj that Prerna is coming to meet him. Anupam finds Prerna going alone. He learns that she is going to meet Viraj to call off the marriage. He helps her and gives his car to her.

She wants to go alone so that Viraj doesn’t feel odd. Nivedita gets upset with Anupam for helping Prerna in breaking the marriage. She asks him to just focus on Anurag’s life. She tells that Sonalika is already upset on them. She regrets to marry Anupam, who always goes against her. Anurag reaches Prerna’s house to meet her and tell Viraj’s truth. Veena tells him that Prerna isn’t at home. He doesn’t believe her. She asks him to not ruin Prerna’s life, its wrong that he is trying to have an affair with Prerna when he is married to Sonalika. He tells her that he understands her point, but he can’t see Prerna’s life getting completely ruined.

He checks for Prerna and doesn’t find her. Veena calmly explains him that he is defaming Prerna by his over concern. He tells her that he had come to alert them about Viraj’s truth. He breaks Viraj’s truth to them. Sharmas can’t believe that Viraj is a big fraud. They want to cancel the marriage and break down. Prerna reaches the farmhouse to meet Viraj. Anurag manages to call her and warn her about Viraj. Viraj gets her at gun point and threatens of killing her. Anurag tracks her to save her life. Viraj sends his goons to catch Anurag and keep him away.

There will be deadly twists, with Anurag and Prerna’s fate fulfilling a new test of love with blood this time. Either of Anurag and Prerna will be facing the huge threat while dealing with Viraj’s terror. Prerna will be losing her unborn baby during Anurag and Viraj’s fight. Prerna will be shot. The worse twist will come when Anurag gets blamed for Prerna’s deadly state.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 1/5
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