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Best Spoilers Zee Kumkum Kundali Raabta Huge drama Karan manages to save Preeta from the goons, when he gets timely help from Sameer and Shrishti. Karan and Preeta have a sweet moment, where he assures that he will get her freedom. Shrishti is glad that Preeta has finally found a proof of her evidence, the world will soon know her truth. Karan doesn’t want to waste time. He tells Preeta that they will take the goons to the police station. Inspector awaits Preeta and thinks to declare her as escapee. Sherlyn and Mahira learn that Karan has caught the goons. They are panicking. Sherlyn tells Mahira that Luthras will know her truth if Babbi names her, and then she will get ousted from family.

She scares Mahira that Karan won’t marry her knowing she has pushed Preeta in front of the truck. She asks Mahira to stop Karan. Mahira tells Luthras that Karan is doing wrong to take the law in his hand. She tells that Karan shouldn’t get involved in the mess. Rishabh tells that Karan is doing the right thing, he should protect Preeta from the punishment when she is innocent.

Rishabh realizes Mahira’s evil intentions when she opposes Karan. He asks why is she reacting when she was herself going to support Preeta in the court. Mahira turns speechless. She fears that her crimes will get known. Sherlyn still has video of Mahira pushing Preeta in front of the truck. She decides to use that video to save herself from Luthras.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:
Kalyani gets moved when she sees Anupriya arrested. She can’t tolerate the sight of her mum wearing handcuffs and taken by the police. Aao saheb blames Malhar. She tells Kalyani that Malhar has lost and couldn’t save Anupriya. She tells her that Malhar has snatched one of their dear ones again. She accuses Malhar. Kalyani gets fragile-minded by the situation. She cries for Anupriya. She gets influenced by Aao saheb’s words. She also gets against Malhar for doing injustice.

Best comment by Lilou:
To save Anu, Kaliyani or kalma will have to sacrifice a few things. It’s not fair.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Pragya and Abhi will soon have a meet. Abhi performs in the party unwilling on Vikram’s insistence. He was initially asking Vikram to take the risk and just cancel the engagement event in his hotel, else Maya is evil. Vikram is bounded by legal contract. He asks Abhi to just sing in the engagement party at least for sake.

Abhi finds hard to connect with his emotions in that tensed moment. He is much angered seeing Maya. He recalls his beautiful memories of Pragya and sings a romantic song. Pragya gets to hear Abhi from a far corridor and runs to see him. She proves that her hearing ability sometimes works for her, but vision doesn’t work at all. She fails to see Abhi even when he passes by her or stays around.

Pragya and Abhi’s hits and misses are the most common part of the episode. Rhea finds Pragya restless and wants to know why. Pragya wishes to meet Abhi. Abhi still has no idea that Pragya is Prachi’s mom Anuradha. On the other hand, Prachi too has unclear vision since she misses to see Rhea when Rhea is in front of her, blinded by a thin curtain. Prachi and Ranbir stay lost in their own unrealized love bubble. Prachi feels for Ranbir when he holds her. She wants to deny her feelings so that their friendship doesn’t end. She doesn’t know that Ranbir also loves her. Prachi and Ranbir’s romance also goes slow just like Abhi and Pragya’s romance, which is actually a crying chapter switching on and off so much that their love would have sieved to null by now.

Best comment by Ash:

This serial is getting more and more sicker with each and every episode every day. In today’s World where even a beggar on the road is having and using Mobile phones the famous Rockstar Abhi doesnt have or know how to use a Mobile to call or meet his Lover Pragya. Even small 3 and 4 year old kids are so smart specially with Mobile phones and here Abhi and Pragya are getting dumber each and every day. This Lousy idiotic drama has to STOP immediately.

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