Kahaan Hum Starplus Climax story Ronakshi love overflow

Kahaan Hum Starplus Climax story Ronakshi love overflow

Kahaan Hum Starplus Climax story Ronakshi love overflow Rohit and Sonakshi’s tiff is the common thing seen these days. Rohit is afraid for the virus spreading in the city. The upcoming twists show Sonakshi getting infected by the same virus, while Rohit learns about it and struggles to save her life. The deadly virus twist will bring Rohit and Sonakshi together. All his fake anger and humiliation chapter end when he gets caring for his lady love, knowing the virus can kill her.

Rohit will not think of anything else than Sonakshi’s life. The critical time will bring him out of Nishi’s threatened bubble. The show is making an end soon. There will be big twists with Sonakshi and Sumit’s marriage chapter and also the battle with deadly virus. Ronakshi as the best couple will be seen to charm the fans again.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:

Amber gets mad in anger and stops Guneet’s Roka by ousting the staff and her family. Guneet and her mum are shocked to find Amber locking the house and ousting the staff. Amber parties alone and wants Guneet to keep banging her head on the door. On the other hand, Nia is busy in work. She goes for her presentation. Kabir is impressed with her work. Amber irritates Guneet. Amber stops them from entering his house.

Guneet’s mum gets hurt in the fight. Guneet asks Amber if he has lost his mind to hurt someone so badly. Amber feels guilty. Nia leaves the meeting on learning about Amber’s arrest. Guneet complains about him to teach him a lesson. Amber defends himself, but in vain. Nia sacrifices her career opportunities for her dad. She gets much distressed on learning his mistake.

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story:

Gagan makes a valid excuse to get rid of Ram. Pinky doubts on Gagan. She informs Arjun that Gagan lied to Ram and went to meet Megha. Arjun is sure that Gagan is going to meet Megha. He asks her to manage the next move and convince Ram to visit Megha. He knows Pinky will definitely bring Ram. Gagan stops Megha from her suicide attempt. Pinky convinces Ram to help Gagan. She takes Ram to Megha’s place. She shows Gagan and Megha’s romance to Ram. Ram is much shocked knowing Gagan has lied to them about breaking ties with Megha. Arjun wants Ram to end Pinky and Gagan’s marriage.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir Abhi dilemma


  1. please do not off air this show so abruptly…channel can now give it an extension after we fans are pleading them to do it…isn’t the channel running by our views so if we are pleading so much to extend a show than definitely the show is being loved right? after a decent TRP why is the channel still stubborn to off air this show….humble request please dnt off air this show please…

  2. Stop the misunderstanding and humiliation between Rohit and Sonakshi, it’s getting too much to bear it up and also end Nishi’s drama!!! And btw what happened to Mahesh?! Suddenly he disappeared from the scene!!!

  3. The show was great until the twist to end the couples marry but you can see they made a wonderful couple but you can see that rohit father is on sonakshi side we as viewers to see that nishi gets caught that the family was pushed to hate sonakshi and see who was causing the problems will miss the show.

  4. I’ll STOP watching STAR PLUS if they don’t let kahan hum kahan tum(KHKT) to go on air again… I only watch shows shown in star plus.. Iam a big fan of this channel.. But I challenge the channel if they stop this show.. I’ll STOP this channel from my TV.. And switch on to some other channel.. Who cares for their viewers view… And start HATING STAR PLUS


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