Tonight Kundali Bhagya Escape parade Karan Preeta

Tonight Kundali Bhagya Escape parade Karan Preeta

Tonight Kundali Bhagya Escape parade Karan Preeta Shrishti informs Rishabh that Sherlyn has given a wrong video, since the video can get morphed easily. Rishabh asks her doubt. She tells that video didn’t get checked by the forensics, since the case was on fast track. He understands her point. He tells Sameer that there will be many questions on Sherlyn, she needs to answer it. He goes to confront Sherlyn. Ramona, Mahira and Sherlyn try to keep the secret. Mahira tells them that police will take Preeta and Babbi. They await the police. Ramona feels her life will gets spoiled if Mahira’s crime gets caught. Luthras get shocked seeing police at the door. Rishabh tells Karan that police has come for Preeta. Ramona thinks Mahira has called the police, but police will not reveal it.

She wants to avoid the police. She thinks Mahira shouldn’t get into the trouble. Preeta finds herself save in the house. She isn’t aware of the police. Karan and Sameer shift Babbi. Rishabh tells them that they have to act that they are against Preeta, they will never support her, they have filed the case against her. Rakhi and Kareena agree. Rishabh opens the door and talks to the police. He asks inspector how can he disturb the family at midnight by sudden arrival. Inspector tells that he got the lead about Preeta hiding in the house. Sameer asks Karan to just rush to Preeta. He handles Babbi. Inspector tells Rishabh that Preeta has run away. The family reacts on hearing the shocking news.

Rishabh tells that they aren’t aware of Preeta’s whereabouts. Kareena finds Rakhi overacting. Karan reaches Preeta to alert her about the police. Rakhi asks Inspector not to search in their house. She overacts and gets hyper. Rishabh gets worried. Rakhi tells her that Luthras love Preeta a lot and hidden her in the house to save her. He tells that maybe he wanted to hear this from them. Rishabh asks her to calm down, he will handle the matter. She can’t express hatred for Preeta even if she is asked to act. Rishabh tells that they will not help Preeta, they hate her. Inspector tells him that Preeta may come to take revenge. Rishabh tells that they didn’t know about Preeta’s escape.

Inspector insists that he will check the house, since he is informed about Preeta’s entry in the house. Rishabh tells that they don’t need any protection. Inspector wants to take action. Rishabh stops him from doing his duty. He asks for the search warrant. Inspector tells that he has come with the warrant. Karan tells Preeta that police has come home. She gets worried. Sameer hides Babbi. He doesn’t understand how to stop the police from seeing him. Rishabh wonders who had called the police. Sherlyn and Mahira mislead the family. Rakhi and Kritika feel someone has informed the police, since Preeta isn’t so famous. Rishabh doubts Sherlyn. She tells that she didn’t do anything.

He confronts her about informing the police. Sherlyn knows his next move. She lies to him about her fake concern for the family. She tells that she has left the house when he didn’t trust her. She wants to stop him from doubting her again. He tells that he doesn’t want to doubt on her, she didn’t show the video recording and their fight happened. He tells that she wanted him to ask her normally. He requests her for the recording. He tells that he doubts on the video’s originality. He wants to test the video. He tells that he will doubt on her again if she doesn’t show the recording. He asks her to prove herself and not hide the truth further.

Karan and Preeta hide from the police. They have cute moments. Sameer is stuck with Babbi. He informs Rishabh to come soon and help him. Sherlyn gives her phone to Rishabh. Rishabh rushes to help Sameer. He doesn’t take the phone. Sherlyn thinks she got saved. Rishabh interrupts the police. He tells that he knows about Preeta. Inspector doubts him. Rishabh tells that change is constant. He lies that Dadi blindly loves Preeta, she is hiding Preeta. Karan laughs on hearing Rishabh’s funny story. Rishabh informs Karan that he should hide somewhere outside the house. Karan and Preeta take his advice.

Kareena asks Rakhi not to do any overacting and just be silent, she can’t lie well and will get caught. Rakhi tells that she has tried to be natural. Dadi tells that Kareena will handle her. Rishabh tells them that he has told the police the truth that she has hidden Preeta. Dadi tells that Rakhi will hide Preeta, she loves her a lot. She stops Rakhi from telling the truth.

Inspector doesn’t understand their funny story cook up. He tells that they are just misleading them, he is doubting them and will check all the rooms one by one. Karan and Sameer know Rishabh’s efforts. They try to take Babbi out first. Luthras act weird to save Karan and Preeta from the police. Rishabh fears that Preeta will be spotted by the inspector.

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  1. I watch this story from the beginning but the thing is m not happy the way u streach the story for eg :preeta ran away from the police custody for one nights n it’s already 1week finished but still tht night has not finished story has become so long making people fool ?

    • The writers are fooling the public. They should do some other job.Totally nonsense. The serial has no story. Prithvi has disappeared. Mahesh in coma. Sherlyn pregnancy cant be seen since months. There is no reality in this show. Please stop guys and do something else.

  2. Why not the entire cast of Kundali Bhagya run away like how Prithivi disappeared. OR ELSE the entire cast can go into a Coma like Mahesh and this can put an end to this most never ending boring, dull, tortureous story


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