Dad Ki Dulhan Love story begins for Amber Guneet

Dad Ki Dulhan Dreamy romance surprises for Guneet

Dad Ki Dulhan Love story begins for Amber Guneet Amber gets to see Guneet’s good side, when the latter helps him for the sake of Nia. He finds her caring for Nia. Amber is ashamed of her doings. Guneet doesn’t want to fight Amber. She just wants to focus on her Roka. Nia is thankful to Guneet for ending the big matter. Pammi gets upset with Guneet. Amber thinks he should also thank Guneet. Guneet doesn’t want Nia to bear the punishment for Amber’s misdeed. Amber asks the reason for her favor. Guneet tells him that he doesn’t need a reason to hurt anyone or spoil things. She tells that he is selfish and didn’t care for Nia as well, while hurting others.

She asks him to love Nia and prove it by his care. She tells him that people don’t have true love feelings in their hearts these days. Amber realizes she is right. She tells that she did a favor on him to make him pay back later. Amber finds her like Baawra mann for the first time. He thinks he always misunderstood her. He tries to apologize to Nia. Nia vents anger on him. She doesn’t want to tolerate his craziness again. She tells about the embarrassment she faced because of him. She fears of getting her career ruined.

Nia returns to the office after dealing with the personal emergency. Kabir blames her since she isn’t trustworthy anymore. He doesn’t know why she leaves the work suddenly. She gets reprimanded by the boss. She fails to get the project because of her personal commitments. She is much hurt, all thanks to Amber. Nia quits her job to keep her pride. Amber wants Nia to forgive him. He recalls his friend Baawra Mann.

He then realizes if its true, then Guneet will be true too. He thinks to give her a chance by recalling her words. He wants to remember her good deeds and not judge her wrong. Amber connects to Baawra Mann again and apologizes to her. Guneet doesn’t know if she should forgive him. She isn’t aware of his identity. She stays confused after reading his messages. Amber falls in love with Guneet. How will his love story progress one-sided? Keep reading.

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