Kahaan Hum Starplus Tonight Shocking disaster Ronakshi

Kahaan Hum Starplus Tonight Shocking disaster Ronakshi

Kahaan Hum Starplus Tonight Shocking disaster for Ronakshi Sumit is trying to unite Sonakshi and Rohit. She wants to make Sumit her boyfriend by taking an impulsive decision because of Rohit. Sumit wants her to admit that she loves only Rohit. She tells him that she isn’t comfortable and he shouldn’t come too close to her that way. Sumit asks her the problem, when she herself wanted to have an affair with him. He tells that she loves Rohit, and this reaction proves it. She doesn’t accept her feelings for Rohit. After she leaves, Rohit catches Sumit and rebukes him for his over closeness with her. He asks him to stay away. Sumit reminds that he is Sonakshi’s boyfriend now and has a right to touch her.

He tells that Rohit has himself wanted Sonakshi to move on. He asks Rohit not to spoil his love story. He makes Rohit jealous. He asks Rohit to accept his love, since Sonakshi still loves her. Rohit doesn’t want to enter her life again. He wants her to hate him more. Sumit finds him strange. He knows they both love each other and aren’t accepting. Rohit and Sonakshi shed tears of sorrow. Sonakshi wonders if she still loves Rohit, that she couldn’t tolerate Sumit’s touch. She doesn’t want to love Rohit and cry for him. She wants to become strong and move on. Sonakshi goes home and feels unwell.

Suman reads about the virus infection spreading in the city. She doesn’t realize that Sonakshi is also carrying the same infection, even after seeing the same symptoms. She thinks its ordinary cold flu and would subside soon. Sonakshi asks Suman to stay away from her, else she may catch cold. She asks Pari to just be in her room. She tells them about Munya, who is sick and resting at home. She tells Suman that they have to manage the house for a few days without Munya. She calls Munya to know about her health. Munya tells that she is really sick and came for a check up. Sonakshi offers help. Munya falls on the bench and gets help.

Elsewhere, Rohan is hugely shocked on seeing Tanya’s unstable state. Tanya thinks she is still pregnant and speaks to her baby. She orders a cradle for baby. Nishi asks the staff to maintain good hygiene and not let any outsiders enter the house until necessary precautions are taken. She finds Tanya acting really weird. She asks Rohan about Tanya. Rohan tells them that Tanya isn’t able to accept the miscarriage truth and believes that it never happened. Sippys want to support Tanya and make her accept the truth gradually. Veena is much worried. She was thinking everything will be fine once they get rid of Sonakshi, but it doesn’t happen.

Rohit is upset after a patient dies because of the virus. He finds Munya admitted in his hospital. She asks him to save her life. He assures that she will get best treatment. He asks about the people she met. She tells him that she just met Sonakshi. She asks him to save Sonakshi. He is much worried thinking Sonakshi got infected. Sonakshi tells Suman that she has to meet the lawyer. Suman wants her to take rest. Sumit meets them and hands over the masks sent by Rohit. He asks them to take precautions. Suman praises him. He is helpless to hide that Rohit has sent the masks, he is much concerned for them.

Also, Sumit asks Sonakshi to take rest until she gets fine. Sonakshi is adamant to go and meet the lawyer. Sumit leaves from her house and gets Rohit’s call. Rohit asks him about Sonakshi. Sumit tells about her cold flu. Rohit tells that she maybe infected with the super virus. He asks Sumit why didn’t he identify the symptoms and get her to the hospital for tests. Sumit can’t believe it.

Consequently, Rohit runs to meet Sonakshi before it gets too late. Sonakshi keeps Suman and Pari away. She locks herself in the room. She asks them to call a doctor. Rohit arrives to cure Sonakshi. Suman gets angered to see him. She asks him to stay away from Sonakshi. She lies that Sonakshi isn’t at home. Rohit tells about Munya’s infected state, which could have spread to Sonakshi as well.

Moreover, Suman gets worried. Rohit pleads to Sonakshi to talk to him once. Sonakshi wants to hate him. She doesn’t listen to him. Rohit explains the huge threat on her life. Sonakshi feels even the fate is cheating her. She is much sorrowful and loses willingness to live. She threatens of committing suicide if Rohit steps ahead to treat her. She tells him that she hates him and won’t accept his love. She wants Rohit out of her life. Rohit gets helpless to save her life by making an unexpected love confession. Rohit and Sonakshi’s life will take a turn again.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Kahaan Hum Starplus Tonight Shocking: 4/5
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Best comment by Pulkit Garg:
Please continue this program for long as this is a very good program which can be seen with the whole family. The chemistry of Ronakshi is very fresh and different from other serials. The arguments and cute fights of Ronakshi brings smile to the viewers faces. Do not put an end to this serial.

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  1. please extend khkt… we are eagerly waitimg for this good news to come but till now the channel failed to give so… with the passing days..it feels like our all requests will go in vain…as the channel is still not responding to the fan’s request….hope we get a good news….till then fingers crossed… but Ronakshi will leave a deep impact on us…love this show so much…i never missed a single episode of it and promise to watch it religiously…love khkt..love Dipika and Karan…love Ronakshi..best serial till date???


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