Yeh Hain Chahatein Tonight Charming Rudraksh wins

Yeh Hain Chahatein Tonight Charming Rudraksh wins

Yeh Hain Chahatein Tonight Charming Rudraksh wins this way Yuvraj is worried that Rudraksh told his truth to Prisha that he took 10 crores to convict her. He doesn’t want her to hate him. She tells him that she is Rudraksh’s wife now and shouldn’t meet him, which can create problems in the custody. She tells that Rudraksh may question her character and snatch the custody. She asks him not to meet or call her. Yuvraj goes mad. He wants Saransh’s trust fund. Bunty decides to marry Bubbles whom he dearly loves. He tells Rudraksh that he is marrying Bubbles. He tells about the painful break up and reunion. He invites Rudraksh in the marriage. Rudraksh doesn’t want him to marry Prisha’s friend.

Bunty tells him that he may decide about coming. He doesn’t want to hear anything against his love. Prisha is happy for Bubbles and supports her love. She wants to be a part of the wedding. Ahana gets an idea to throw out Prisha and Saransh from the home. She tricks him and asks him to shred the papers to make paper snow. She gives him highly important document to put in the shredding machine. Saransh enjoys to play with paper snow. Ahana tells Mishka that she has already saved the contract copies. She tells the plan that Balraj will be yelling at Saransh and throw him out of the house, along with his mum Prisha.

She is sure that Rudraksh won’t be able to do anything this time. Balraj finds Saransh ruining his contract papers. He really goes mad and shouts at him for his silliest mistake. Saransh gets scared of his anger. Balraj doesn’t hit him. He instead summons Rudraksh. Prisha learns about Saransh’s big mistake. She defends her son. She doesn’t think he is so silly. Saransh tells him that Ahana asked him to make paper snow. Balraj doesn’t believe him. Prisha tells that her son doesn’t lie. Balraj questions Ahana. She acts shocked and denies the blame.

Saransh asks her not to lie. She goes to slap him. Prisha stops Ahana from hurting her son. Balraj throws out Prisha and Saransh from his house. The child care centre ladies target Balraj about torturing Saransh and forcing him for child labor. Gopal and Vasu have taken this step to teach a lesson to Saransh. The ladies ask Saransh about the troubles. They ask if Khuranas are making him and his mum work. Saransh is scared to say anything. Rudraksh finds the matter going serious. He manages the matter by his quick drama. He wants Prisha to support him. He acts like a loving husband towards Prisha. He tells that he loves Saransh a lot.

He lies to the ladies to cover up Balraj’s mistake. Prisha also lies to stay back in Khurana house with Saransh. Gopal accuses Khuranas for torturing her children. Rudraksh makes sure to take the drama higher. He wants to prove his love for Prisha. He makes a better image in front of people. Balraj wants to encash Rudraksh’s heroic image in the media. Yuvraj wants to gate crash Bunty’s wedding and meet Prisha. Balraj decides to shelter Prisha and Saransh just for good publicity for Rudraksh.

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