Kasautii Starplus Bajaj dragged Anurag Prerna separation

Kasautii Starplus Bajaj dragged Anurag Prerna separation

Kasautii Starplus Bajaj dragged Anurag Prerna separation The show turns into a thriller series, since Anurag will be seen killing Prerna by throwing her down the terrace. Anurag loves Prerna a lot. It stays a puzzle if fake Anurag/Viraj would be killing Prerna and end Anupre love story forever, or Anurag turns negative because of Komolika getting misunderstandings about Prerna and Bajaj. Viraj has fallen down the cliff, but his death is still unknown. Komolika thinks Viraj is dead, but nothing is shown about him. Anurag goes for the blood test and is sure that the blood group will match. Doctor tells him that his blood group isn’t matching with the baby’s blood group. The Basus are shocked.

Anurag asks if the sample is changed or the tests results are wrong. Doctor tells him that there is no mistake by the staff, they can find out later, since they have to first arrange the blood units for the baby. The family is speechless since they wanted to get happiness post the baby’s birth, but tension has begun. Mohini gets smiling wickedly since she always believed that baby isn’t of Anurag, but of Bajaj. She wants to confront Moloy. Moloy has no time for her nonsense. He goes to arrange the blood units. Anupam and Shekhar also try their best to call the blood banks and arrange the rare blood group units.

Moreover, Anurag assures Prerna that he will fix everything for them, nothing can go wrong. He tells her that he wants to take her and their daughter home. Komolika overhears them and thinks where will she go if he brings them home. She tells that Anurag is getting mad for his daughter, even when the blood group didn’t match. She tells that even if Anurag gets blood units for her, she will not let the baby survive. She hides when Prerna comes there. Prerna loves her baby and tells that Anurag got his memory just because of the baby. She values her baby a lot. Anurag struggles to get the blood units.

He is informed about the availability. He rushes to get the blood packet. He faces many hurdles on his way. He first gets stuck in the lift for much time and then gets into the traffic jam. He wants to be at the hospital in some time. He can’t get through the traffic. He runs on the road. He stumbles and drops the packet. The packet bursts when it comes under the running vehicles. He loses all his hopes. He is shattered. Prerna, Veena and Shivani spend some time with the baby. They are very happy. Komolika is about to harm the baby, when the nurse reaches her and stops her. Komolika attacks the nurse.

She loses the baby from her clutches. The baby gets saved. She knows what to do next. Anurag meets Prerna and apologizes for failing to arrange the blood units. Prerna asks him to stop fooling her. She tells that he has really surprised her by arranging the blood. Anurag wonders who donated the blood and didn’t even leave his details. Komolika has arranged the blood and then bribed the ward boy to have fake details about the donor. Anurag tries to find out who is the person donating the blood. He gets hints that Mr. Bajaj has donated the blood.

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He wonders how can Mr. Bajaj donate the blood. He gets the information when he checks the documents. He realizes that the baby is fathered by Mr. Bajaj. He slips in shock and doesn’t want to believe it. Komolika wants Anurag and Basus to doubt on Prerna’s character and refuse to accept the baby in the family, which would eventually hurt Prerna’s esteem and make her out of their house.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 1/5
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  1. Kya nautanki hai es serial ki kuch achcha kyu nhi dikha pa rahen makers bas alag karna hi dikhate hain aur kpmolika ko jitana dikhate hain m to aj se ye serial dekhna band kar rahi hu aur mujhe lagta hai koe v nahi dekhega villain ke sath bura hona Sapna bana dete hain aur jo sahi hai uske sath aj tk kuch achcha nhi dikha pa rahen trp ke chakkar me jo promo ka dikhane wale hain wo es serial ko hamesha ke liye dubo dega aur band ho jayega serial aur yahi hona chahiye

  2. This show should just end nothing fun in watching this show this is so annoying the Basu should have known that it’s their grandchild it’s high time they know the truth and starts respecting Prerna. I think the only reason people are still watching this is because of Erica even though it’s a crap show. There is a limit to everything even if its a drama.

    • Bakwas serial bakwas promo bakwas story bura hi dekhna h sb kuch to rael life hi kafi h ensan khush hone ke liye aur kuch achcha feel karne ke liye shows dekhta h ….pr wo to kvi dikhaya nhi jata aur bura hi dekhna h to asal jindgi me yhi sb dekhne ko vaise v milta h …kuch achcha karne ke bajay burae ko aur badhava diya jata h serial me aur laste jitaya v burae ko jata h ….

  3. Have makers’ completely lost it?
    In the last track, before Bajaj’s exit, Prerna was the one who donated blood to Kuki as she was an universal donor.
    Ab Prerna ka blood group apni beti se match nahin karta aur Bajak ka kar gaya?
    Why this desperation to fit in third wheel jabardasti?


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