Kundali Preeta freed Sherlyn caught up Upcoming

Kundali Preeta freed Sherlyn caught up Upcoming

Kundali Preeta freed Sherlyn caught up Upcoming Police arrives at Luthra mansion and arrests Babbi. Inspector wants to arrest Preeta as well, since she has escaped from the prison. Rishabh defends Preeta. Babbi doesn’t want to name the culprit. He asks inspector to take her away. Karan tells that Preeta is innocent. Even then Inspector wants to do his duty. He tells that the court will decide about the convict. He scolds Luthras for hiding Preeta in their house. Preeta protects Luthras from the blame. She takes entire blame on herself. She tells the inspector that Luthras didn’t know that she is hiding in their house. She wants to go with the police. She narrates the incident to the police.

Rishabh asks her not to worry, they are coming to the court. Shrishti rushes home to Sarla. Karan and Rishabh worry for Preeta. Mahira wants to end Preeran love story. Sherlyn feels everything is over now. Rishabh demands the video again. She tells him that she didn’t do anything, he shouldn’t doubt on her. She tells that she is a good Bahu, she didn’t tell the police that Preeta is on the terrace. He tells that someone told the police to check on the terrace. He warns her to lower her tone. She asks him to leave. She compels him. She thinks Preeta will be going out of her life soon. Sarla didn’t know that Shrishti is out of the home.

Shrishti meets her and tells the entire incident of Preeta’s rescue. She gives the good news hat Preeta will be proved innocent in the court. Sarla, Dadi and Janki get glad to know this. Luthras and Aroras meet in the court. Aroras bless Karan a lot. Rakhi gets glad to see her sons winning all the praise. Karan bonds with Aroras like before. Dadi thanks him. Karan tells that it was his duty to save Karan. Sarla awaits Preeta. She feels sorry to beat Karan that day by misunderstanding him. Shrishti apologizes to Karan for Sarla’s behavior. She feels Sarla is still annoyed. Karan doesn’t think so. She thanks him. Preeta is brought to the court.

Karan and Preeta have a moment. The court hearing begins and the judge wants to directly give the verdict. Preeta’s lawyer Ravi takes the permission to produce new evidences. Jugge permits him so that the truth comes out and justice is granted. Inspector gives the statement in Preeta’s favor. He tells the night’s series of incidents and Babbi’s crime confession. Inspector tells that Babbi accepted that he was hired to kill Preeta, she isn’t involved in Mahira’s accident. Ravi proves that Preeta didn’t try to kill Mahira. Shrishti also gives the statement to put some light on the accident truth.

She tells that the video submitted as evidence to the court is fake. This shocks Sherlyn and Mahira. Shrishti tells that she has already submitted the proof for it. The judge gets to see the original video which proves Preeta’s innocence. He scolds the fraud inspector Kamte for preparing fake reports for the morphed video. Preeta is let free and is announced not guilty by the court. This brings much happiness for her family. She hugs her family. Karan tells Rishabh that Sherlyn got the video edited. Rishabh doesn’t want Sherlyn to get away so easily. He seeks an answer from her.

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Best comment by Lyde:

The writers are fooling the public. They should do some other job.Totally nonsense. The serial has no story. Prithvi has disappeared. Mahesh in coma. Sherlyn pregnancy cant be seen since months. There is no reality in this show. Please stop guys and do something else.


  1. Todays episode was interesting. I am happy that Preeta was proved innocent. I waiting for the moment that sherlyn is proved guilty by the luthra . That would be the best. Writers please expose sherlyn and her bad deeds. Waiting to see that in the next episode

    • Bappi taken one place to other places and put into the water by karan still he is not wake up but when sherlyn and mahilr came just touch him he wake up ,fool directors making others fool at least some thing reality

  2. Not at all happy with the story going on. We say truth is always there. But here it’s Totally wrong. Now it’s high time let the truth comes out immediately. Stop beating behind the bush


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