Kahaan Hum Five amazing twists Ronakshi Disguise Kiss

Kahaan Hum Supervirus twist for real with Covid-19

Kahaan Hum Five amazing twists Ronakshi Disguise Kiss The show comes up with full on drama. Rohit gets infected while saving his lady love from the deadly virus. Veena’s revelation opens up, when she is seen getting Sonakshi treated by Sippy hospital staff to make her recover soon from the cold flu and send her away from Rohit’s life. Veena has kidnapped Sonakshi to make her understand that she isn’t welcomed in the family. There will be five big twists coming up in the story.

1. Rohit will be seen battling for his own life while he treats his patients with sheer dedication and helps them combat the illness. He proves to be a doctor 100 percent and makes Sippys proud. Suman and Rohit’s search for Sonakshi goes on.

2. Veena will clearly mention Rohit’s undying love for Sonakshi, which will strengthen Sonakshi to fight for her life. Sonakshi will realize that Rohit was helpless to oust her from his life. She turns into his mad lover again and struggles to reach him some how, by pleading to Veena to let her go.

3. Rohit will meet Veena after being diagnosed with the super virus. He will get some tests done and realize about Sonakshi’s rare blood group quality, her blood cells can help him in creating an antidote for the virus. Which would mean that she will become a savior for many lives.

Luckily, if this turns true, then Veena has to release Sonakshi and rush her to Rohit to save his life first. Veena will subside her hatred for Rohit and get Sonakshi to Sippy hospital. Rohit makes a last wish in front of Veea. He tells Veena that if he dies, then he wants a death of peace, he just wants Sonakshi with him. He expresses his last wish and gets emotional. Veena understands that Rohit loves Sonakshi a lot and now just Sonakshi can save million of lives. Veena will be freeing Sonakshi and sending her to Rastogis. Suman will demand to know about the kidnapper, but Sonakshi won’t reveal anything.

4. Sonakshi takes a disguise of a nurse and goes to meet Rohit in the quarantine. They will have special Ronakshi moments. Sonakshi will prove out to be real Parvati, who will save innocent lives, just like she used to do in her Kahani Parvati Ki Show. Rohit believes in her strong connection with her Mata Rani, as she mentioned during their initial meets. Sonakshi will enter the hospital and cheerfully encourage Rohit. Rohit and Sonakshi will be seen battling the virus together and moving towards glory, while their much awaited love confessions and a kiss will be seen after his recovery in the climax scene.

5. Sonakshi as savior to many lives will expose Nishi with the help of Naren, who has indirectly saved her by warning his family members in time. Good things will be seen in plenty while the show just have few countable episodes left. Ronakshi’s sweet and adorable moments will in flow in the last episodes.

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Best comment by Mmm:
Please don’t end khkt it is a show away from typical drama and cast which stay dressed up with lots of jewellery in other shows. It is so natural and beautiful, such amazing actors and lead and a great cast #Extend Khkt. Ronalshi needs time.

How much will you miss the show? Which character is close to your heart? Keep reading for more news bytes on this show.


  1. Extend KHKT ! This is one of the best shows I have watched. People loved it and were angry when channel introduced drama like Ekta Kapoor shows which are absolutely tasteless, illogical and makes you cringe. Unlike this KHKT was a breath of fresh air. Karan V Grover was outstanding as Dr Rohit Sippy! Pls go to other channels or digital. Star plus doesn’t deserve you

  2. Sachaai ka zamana nhn raha. Boring serialson ka zamana hai. Jis shows bandh karna usse toh bandh karte nhn hai. Haad hoti hai yaar?

  3. Hey..pls dont stop khkt serial pls ..Ronakshi rocks…fresh storyline…superb starcast and most imp my Dr.Rohit sippy and Sona …pls dont discontinue dis serial…

  4. KHKT is a different story line. Should extend if they show how as a couple they come together stronger then before and face the storms together as one. Otherwise better end in a happy note with them getting back together and a really ‘happily ever after ‘ ending.

  5. I love his show like all others , its bad that this show is getting off soon but still I am happy that this is logical and I don’t want the show to extend and become like other illogical shows , I will really miss u khkt but i am really satisfied be this different story line , thanks for giving me memories which I can remember in future and say “I HAVE SEEN A REALISTIC SHOW CALLED KAHAN HUM KAHAN TUM” , thank u very much ??

  6. Plzz dnt end up kahan hum kahan tum… khkt..it is a awesome serial n very natural sensual track going on..we love it..plzz extend..we want to see more episodes..plzz makers plzz extend it..like yrkkh…its a humble request plzz extend it

  7. Please please directors producers of khkt, dnt end this show. It gives audiences a real like feeling. the story line is great unlike the other programmes we watch that are just being dragged on 1 episode of happy jolly and then another villain enters straight away. With other programmes we can predict what happens in the next twist. With KHKT, its unique, its unpredictable and is real entertainment.
    Please dnt end KHKT there is alot more to it please


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