Kahaan Hum Rohit Shocking discovery Upcoming

Rohit Shocking discovery Upcoming
Picture 6 Iconic kidnapping of Sonakshi by none other than the sweet turned bitter Veena Sippy. Sonakshi pleads for freedom to Veena, who turns deaf ears because of Nishi's brainwashing.

Kahaan Hum Rohit Shocking discovery Upcoming There is a shocking discovery which leads Rohit to find a cure to the deadly supervirus. He recalls Sonakshi telling him about her rare blood group, which maybe giving a solution to fight the fast spreading infection. Rohit realizes this after talking to Sumit. He asks Sumit to find out Sonakshi at any cost, not just for saving her life, but for saving millions of life. He tells Sumit that he also got infected and is quarantined right now. Sumit is moved to know that Rohit may die if he doesn’t find the right cure. He doesn’t want a brilliant doctor to meet his end this way. He asks Rohit to take care of himself, until they find Sonakshi.

Rohit urges him to head to the police and find Sonakshi by any lead, so that she can be brought to the hospital for the antidote making process. Sumit is much worried for Sonakshi and Rohit. He asks Suman to be at home with Pari, while he rushes to the police station to meet the inspector. The inspector tortures the man who kidnapped Sonakshi from the hospital. Sumit hopes to get some information about Sonakshi.

On the other hand, Veena makes a big revelation to Sonakshi that Rohit still loves her. She tells Sonakshi that Rohit is ruining himself, just because of his heartbreak, he still loves Sonakshi and isn’t able to move on. She wants her son to have a good life.

She commands Sonakshi to stay away from Rohit. Sonakshi tells her that she can’t believe Rohit’s love and even if he does love her, then she doesn’t have such feelings, she hates him for all the harm he caused to her. Veena doesn’t listen at all. She just wants Sonakshi away from Rohit’s life and family. She calls Sonakshi a huge curse on Rohit’s life. Sonakshi is much hurt. Veena shocks her by telling that Sonakshi will be captive until Rohit forgets her and moves on in life by marrying someone else.

Sonakshi pleads her to let her go and not keep her away from her family, who would be too worried for her. Veena acts heartless. She learns that her aide got arrested. She fears to get her truth exposed. She is much worried that Rohit may know her truth as well.

Later, Suman gets enraged when she finds Pari talking to Rohan on a phone call. She reprimands both of them for their shameless behavior. She asks Pari to keep her esteem and not fall for the guy again who has cheated her and even tried to harm her baby. She asks Rohan to stay away from her daughter’s life. She gives a stern warning to him. Rohan wanted to meet Pari, but in vain. Suman asks Pari not to bring more disgrace for them.

Elsewhere, Nishi learns that Rohit got infected. She breaks this news to Veena. Veena is shell shocked knowing the danger on Rohit’s life. She feels guilty that she kidnapped Sonakshi and did much wrong. She admits her crime in front of Nishi. She feels she is getting punished for her big mistake. Nishi likes Veena’s crime and wants to take advantage of it. She asks Veena where did she keep Sonakshi. Veena tells that she has locked up Sonakshi in the basement of Sippy mansion. Naren overhears their conversation and is deeply hurt by Veena’s crime. Nishi heads to meet Sonakshi and enjoy her plight.

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Best comment by Renu:
KHKT is a different story line. Should extend if they show how as a couple they come together stronger then before and face the storms together as one. Otherwise better end in a happy note with them getting back together and a really happily ever after ending.


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