Kasautii Leap Bajaj Prerna together Anurag turns evil

Kasautii Leap Bajaj Prerna together Anurag turns evil

Kasautii Leap Bajaj Prerna together Anurag turns evil The biggest twist in Kasauti comes today. Mr. Bajaj returns to save Prerna’s life, while Anurag turns out to be a villain in their lives. Mr. Bajaj makes an entry when Anurag takes a step to kill Prerna after snatching all the property given by Mr. Bajaj to her. It so happens that Prerna clears her dilemma about Anurag because of the strong faith. Prerna confronts Anurag about the unseen threat that’s scaring her again and again.

Anurag pacifies her and tells her that they are soul mater, they will always be together and live a good life. His words of assurances settles her fears for a while. He takes her to the Howrah bridge for confessing love to her. He gets boasting of his feelings for her so much that she gets confused.

He tells her that he loves her since she taught him the meaning of love. She tells that love is something beyond any feeling for her, they have soul leave between them. He wants to hear what loves means to him. They share few romantic moments on the bridge. She asks him to take her home so that they can go ahead with the marriage. He doesn’t let her go and instead makes her sit on the edge, while instilling fear in her. She shows immense faith on him and his love. She tells him that she loves him so much that she is ready to die for him, she would be happy to give her life for his sake.

Anurag asks her to then die and pushes her into the river in no time. She is shell shocked and unable to react while she falls inside the river. She gets trapped badly when the plants tie up her legs and make her more helpless. Prerna recalls her family and new born baby. She wanted to live with them. She wants Anurag to answer her about the big deceive. Just then, a dramatic entry happens of Mr. Bajaj. Unexpectedly, he reaches her out of nowhere and saves her life. He takes her to a safe place. She gains consciousness and realizes that Mr. Bajaj is alive. He tells about the fake news about his death in a plane crash.

He adds that he was keeping an eye on her and got to know about her marriage. He wanted to tell her that he is alive and just then found her in big trouble. She can’t believe that Anurag tried to kill her. She asks him to take her to Anurag so that she confronts him. Anurag had told her about visiting his farmhouse. She goes to the farmhouse and looks for Anurag. She gets deeply shattered to find Anurag and Komolika together, rejoicing on her death. She can’t believe her eyes and is taken aback. Mr. Bajaj stops her rage and takes her away to his place, so that she stays protected. He tells her that Anurag did everything for the sake of her property, which he (Bajaj) had given to her baby.

He tells that Anurag is wrong to fall for Komolika and deceive Prerna, who loves him selflessly. Prerna isn’t able to understand why did Anurag fake love and since when. She recalls his planning with Komolika. Mr. Bajaj reveals the shocking facts to her that Anurag had planned this since long and did attempt to kill to her after taking her signatures on the property papers by deceive. She is more shocked to know about Komolika sending her baby to an orphanage. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna head to the orphanage, where they come across a fire incident and learn that it took away the baby’s life. Prerna breaks down with her life’s worst test.

Spoilers Kumkum Bhagya Dad Ki Dulhan Gudiya

She wants to die along with her baby. Her world shatters down. Mr. Bajaj saves her life and gives her an aim in her life, by asking her to be Kuki’s mother. He proposes her and asks her to accompany him to London to have a family with him and Kuki. Will Prerna leave from Anurag’s life or take revenge on Komolika and him? What’s the reason behind Anurag’s madness? Keep reading.

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  1. Jhakpak aur sanki kahani jb kahani prem ki hai to etna bada shak koe kar hi nhi sakta maker shuru se hi kahani me lagatar do sal se burae ko badhava de rahe h aur burae ko lagatar jita rhe hai m to pagal samjhti hu agr eske baad v agr koe ese dekhta hain

  2. Is tarah ki srory dikhana bhut galat hai. Bina kisi logic ke ekta kapoor kuch bhi dikhati hai. Ki anurag ne prerna ko mara shak ke liye aur sath sath us kamolika ke close gaya jisne use real me cheat kiya. How is it possible. Ekta kapoor kuch to sensible dikhao. TRP ke liye logo kl bewkuf to mat banao

  3. I do not know what happens with all his series .. Evil wins over good .. Frankly I do not understand the interest of having brought Mr. Bajaj in the life of Prena .. What does the series and logic .. What believes .. What is happening .. It is said that anurag and prena love each other. But see it turns each time .. I dare to hope that this is a trap of komolika and Bajaj to harm prenarg .. We should not blacken the meaning of marriage and love .. I think the more series become more it reflects reality .. I mean we dream of peace love and fairy tales .. The series are there to entertain the audience and light up the lives of the fans a little .. But the series adds up the stress for them fans with this kind of pitiful scripts that breaks the love relationship .. Anyway .. Hope this is a double and a big perverse imagination on their part to separate the protagonist couple

  4. Jaha do sal se burae hi jeet rahi thi es show me aur fir se bade tareekey se burae ko finally jitaya gaya jaha ab finally public wait kar rhi thi komolika ko expose karke anupre ko milakar kuch achcha dikhane ki public ko khusj karne ki vaha pe trp ke chakkar me makers ne ek pagal story dal di trp ke chakkar me kaun dekhega avi ye show khud makers hi dekhe baitne
    Ab komolika aur anurag ke bachche aur prem dikhaya jayega …vaha leap ke baad prerna ko anurag se milane ka struggle do teen saal tk kheecha jayega fir milne ka jb time aayega burae ko jita kr 20 sal ka leap dikha denge ullu smjh rakhe hain kya ye log public trp ke liye public ki bhavnao se khelte hain ye show wale sb ko dekhna band kar dena chahiye jisase ye. Show hi band ho jaye

  5. Ekta Kapoor and her writers are perverts and need mental treatment. This woman shows power of God and victory over evil and yet encourages the bad and sends wrong messages of what love, respect, and marriage is to the youth. People should completely ban this show.


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