Spoilers Kumkum Bhagya Dad Ki Dulhan Gudiya

Spoilers Kumkum Bhagya Dad Ki Dulhan Gudiya

Spoilers Kumkum Bhagya Dad Ki Dulhan Gudiya Ranbir tells Prachi that if they don’t go out of the library in 10 mins, then they will be stuck there all night. He adds, then lights will be switched off, it will be so dark that they could only see in each others’ eyes, they will be so close to each other and in that situation if love happens between them, then.. Prachi gets shy and uncomfortable. She tells that nothing of that sort will happen. She refuses to fall in love with him, although she is already in love with him and ignoring her feelings, saying they are just good friends.

Rhea slaps Maya and asks her to leave Ranbir, as he is just hers. Maya refuses to agree and tells that she wishes to marry him and can’t go against her father. Rhea gets angry and thinks to take Aaliya’s help. Ranbir and Prachi continue to be locked in the library and try to seek help.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhari: Nanhe lal informs Radhe’s family that Raja of Bharat Pur is arriving there shortly to meet Gudiya. The King and his Queen come to Radhe’s house and talk to Radhe and Sarla about Gudiya. Radhe tells everyone that Gudiya is a guest of few days at their house. The queen of bharat pur tells Gudiya that she is the only heir of them and calls her Rajkumari Gudiya. Gudiya opens her mouth in shock. Sarla, Radhe and all the family members get emotional. If this is reality or Champa’s revenge against Gudiya.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan:
Amber takes Dr. Pandey’s connections and thinks of Guneet and him. Shanti calls Amber and tells him that some stuff have come for the tenants, but they are not opening the door. Amber asks if they have come? Shanti tells that they have returned. Amber comes home running happily and rings the door bell of Guneet’s house. Guneet opens the door and gets surprised seeing him. He decides to make his relation good with Guneet.

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