Beyhadh New conspiracy Manvi identities surfaces

Beyhadh Shocker for Rudra Mrityunjay exposes Maya

Beyhadh New conspiracy Manvi identities surfaces Nandini changes the pills in Antara’s pill box. Antara finds her outside the room. Nandini makes excuses and goes away. Antara takes the new pills and feels unwell. Rudra surprises Maya by his ideas for promoting her book. He tells her that Aditya will take her interview and keep her comfortable. Rajeev asks Aditya to speak to him first. He introduces himself as Maya’s manager. Rudra tells Maya that Aditya is an investigative journalist. Aditya wants to bring out the truth. Rudra asks Aditya to just ask questions about the book, not anything about Maya’s personal life.

Aditya tells that he wants to know Maya first. He asks her for a coffee date. She gets worried that her truth may come out. She asks Rajeev why didn’t he find out first. She doesn’t want to meet him for an interview. Rajeev tells that Aditya isn’t wicked. She doesn’t want to lose Rudra. Rajeev apologize to her. Antara realizes that Nandini changed her medicines. She reprimands Nandini for adding poison. Nandini tells that it was just vitamin pills. She cares for Antara.

Antara snatches her medicines and jerks her off. Rudra and Maya witness Antara’s misbehavior. Nandini covers up Antara’s mistake, even though they understand it well. Rudra and Maya pacify Nandini. Rudra goes to meet Aditya. Maya and Nandini praise Rudra. Aditya tells Rudra that Maya is refusing to give the interview, maybe she is afraid and attempting to hide her wounds. Rudra wants to talk to her. He understands her. Aditya asks him to share his wounds with Maya, so that they can help each other out. He advises Rudra to share his entire life with her. Rudra thanks him for the idea. He goes to take Maya to the place where she will find peace. He plays Rishi’s AV. Maya gets scared on identifying Rishi’s voice.

Kahaan Hum Rohit Shocking discovery Upcoming

She feels guilty. Aditya and Rudra tell her about Rishi. Rudra shares his heart out and shares memories of his brother. Rudra breaks down emotionally. Maya feels she has given a big sorrowful pain to Rudra. The brothers recall Rishi’s wonderful memories and shed tears. Rudra tells her that Rishi was trying to unite the shattered family, he used to bring joy in their loves. Aditya and Rudra praise Rishi, who was also a real gem.

Maya cries for killing Rishi. Aditya tells Rudra that the one who snatched Rishi should face the same pain of losing someone dear. Maya gets raged. Aditya speaks to Mrityunjay about Maya’s interview. Mrityunjay says he is interested to know about Maya, who is a Roy now. Maya gets revengeful against Aditya. Mrityunjay plays a new game and revives Manvi’s identity to put Maya in a big fix.

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