Dad Ki Dulhan Surprise Sweet tender love realization

Dad Ki Dulhan Dreamy romance surprises for Guneet

Dad Ki Dulhan Surprise Sweet tender love realization Randeep is much hurt since he got cheated by his own dad. He didn’t know that his dad is seeing his own profits and cheating Amber. He gets worried to pay the loans. He doesn’t want Amber to lose his office. He wants to win Amber’s trust. Amber is much stressed about his sinking business. Nia encourages him. She tells him that Randeep will find some solution. Amber doesn’t think that Randeep cares for the company. He doesn’t understand how he has made the mistake so terrible that the business is going to get shut. He wants his wife’s dreams to be secured.

He isn’t scared to fight the problems. Nia boosts his confidence. She wants him to win, since defeat isn’t an option for him. Amber recalls Guneet, who also stayed determined. He thinks of her good deeds and misses her. He doesn’t know when did he fall in love with her. He feels he never realized when did love enter his heart. He thinks its destiny that made them meet by coincidence. He makes a confession to his wife. He tells her that he is ashamed to fall in love again, since he isn’t a young man now, its Nia’s age to date someone and marry.

He feels he has to be true to himself and her. He is happy to know that Guneet is fine. He awaits Guneet at home. He doesn’t want to get mad after Guneet, but feels that she has already become a big part of his life. He wants to keep Guneet happy and safe. He thinks all the problems are small when he feels love for Guneet. He gets an idea in dealing with the business problems. He is encouraged after a self confession. He feels light-hearted. Amber learns Guneet has come home. He runs to meet her. Later, he helps Guneet as a humble person, surprising her.

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