Beyhadh Maya Aditya intense confront MJ gets meaner

Beyhadh Maya Aditya intense confront MJ gets meaner

Beyhadh Maya Aditya intense confront MJ gets meaner Maya threatens Aditya indirectly. He gets scared and tries to interpret her words. She tells him that its her duty to know everyone who is close to Rudra. Aditya tells her that he is also doing a similar duty, she isn’t the one about whom he heard. She gives her reasons to describe her dark personality. He tells her that she is a writer and its her work to confuse with words. She asks him to save his questions for the interview. He finds her strange. Mrityunjay tells Aamir that Aditya will find the truth of Manvi, he will dig up her past and find something that may help them in the battle.

Meanwhile, Nandini apologizes to Antara for changing the pills. She faces an insult. Antara tells that no one likes Manvi. Nandini slips in past and recalls Manvi. Nandini faints down. Rudra and Maya take care of Nandini. Maya makes an excuse to take her mum along. Antara thinks of the blunder she made. Maya warns her. Nandini calls Maya as Manvi, and recalls the past. She asks Maya to get her daughter Manvi. Maya injects her to sedate her. She doesn’t want Rudra to know anything about Manvi. Rajeev takes care of Nandini. Rudra asks Maya about Manvi. Maya lies that Nandini is sleeping. Maya waits for Nandini to wake up.

After few hours, Maya explains Nandini not to tolerate anything wrong. She wants to know what did Antara say. Nandini admits that Antara insulted her. She asks Maya not to tell anything to Rudra, since he would take his mum’s side. Maya assures that. She is sure that none can come between Rudra and her. Nandini tells that Antara took Manvi’s name. Maya tells that maybe Antara told Maya. She wants to tackle Antara and show her status.

Maya harms Antara and proves how weak Antara is. She reminds Antara her crimes. She tells that she will take her revenge when time comes. She leaves Antara with a warning. Antara tries to save herself. She insults Maya and tells that Rudra will not love her knowing the past with Mrityunjay. Maya asks Antara to have shame on herself and realize her mistakes. Antara tells her that none can snatch her pride. Maya doesn’t want to snatch her pride, but shatter it. She tells that she will end Mrityunjay’s name. She faces Mrityunjay again. He uses Rudra against Maya. Maya is sure that Rudra’s love will not let her lose. Rudra tells her that even limitless love is bad. He breaks the ring which hurts Maya’s wound.

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