Dad Ki Dulhan Guneet Amber Mutual feelings to arise

Mere Dad Guneet on mission to find Amber's lover

Dad Ki Dulhan Guneet Amber Mutual feelings to arise Amber and Nia find a way to deal with Randeep’s greedy dad. Amber gets the legal papers. He asks him to leave from his office. He tells that he got the legal documents, he has filed a case and now none can harm the business. Randeep is happy that Amber took the right step. Amber tells that the clients don’t want to team up with him, they aren’t ready to trust him. Randeep asks his dad to accept that he lost. Amber insults him for cheating so much.

Randeep clarifies that he didn’t know his dad would take such a step. He doesn’t want Amber to get upset. Amber knows Randeep is foolish and can’t be so mean. He forgives Randeep. He asks Randeep to make sure that he runs the company well. Randeep tells that he won’t come to office tomorrow. He hugs Amber and thanks him. He asks his permission to take Nia for lunch. Amber permits Randeep by seeing his honesty. Randeep and Nia find Amber sweet. Nia goes with Randeep, while Amber is informed about Guneet’s arrival. Amber badly misses her. He runs home to meet her. He feels back in love after many years. Randeep tells Nia that he won’t go to US if she stops him with love.

He wants Nia to reciprocate his feelings. He shares about his future plans. Nia is confused. He doesn’t want to pressurize her. He accepts that its one-sided love and he is much attached to her. Amber gets blocked by Pammi. He asks for Guneet. She tells that Guneet didn’t come home yet. She asks him not to fight Guneet again. She wants him not to hate them. She asks him not to meet Guneet and let them stay in peace. Amber asks her to stay back and not go anywhere. Pammi gets a big relief. Randeep and Nia praise each other and their special friendship. Amber is upset that Guneet didn’t come.

He doesn’t want to help his friend. He acts lazy. He tells that he isn’t any coolie. When Guneet comes with her luggage, Amber becomes a coolie and runs to help her. He falls in love with her. She gets surprised seeing his sweet gesture. She thanks him for all the support on the Roka day. Pammi gets rude towards Amber and sends him. He overhears Pammi blaming Guneet for breaking the Roka because of her online friend. Guneet calms her down. She asks Pammi to throw away her phone. Pammi doesn’t listen to her.


Guneet is upset that Pammi is dragging the matter for long. She feels she has learnt from her online friend that one shouldn’t cheat anyone. Amber learns that she is craving to have her favorite cookies. He decides to make it for her and surprise her.

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