Dad Ki Dulhan Me time for Amber Guneet Highlights

Dad Ki Dulhan Me time for Amber Guneet Highlights

Dad Ki Dulhan Me time for Amber Guneet Highlights Amber loves Guneet and slowly his feelings for her get increasing. Amber bakes the cookies for Guneet. Nia finds it strange that he isn’t willing to share the cookies. She likes the cookies a lot and want more. Amber is glad to know that he has succeeded in his aim to bake cookies. He awaits Guneet. Guneet comes home. He asks her to have cookies. She is surprised that he is offering cookies to her. She thinks its something least expected from Amber Sharma. She tries it after clearing her confusion. Amber wants to see if she likes it. Guneet likes the cookies a lot and feels that she has fulfilled her craving. She praises his baking talents. She tells him that its really tasty.

He is thankful to her. She suspects him and asks what did he add in it. She doesn’t want him to play unfair. He tells her that he wanted to give her a peace proposal. She asks him if he pities her, that her Roka is broken. He doesn’t want her to misunderstand him. Nia finds them talking well. She is also much surprised. Guneet accepts the cookies and also the peace proposal. She is ready to accept his friendship. He is much happy within. Their moments get too natural and joyful. Guneet tells him that she wants to tell him something really important.

Amber expects it to be something personal. She tells him that she has kept Randeep in her house portion, Randeep stays there since his dad ousted him. She apologizes to him. Nia worries that Amber will react angrily. Amber stays calm. He tells that its her house and she can keep any guest for any number of days. He offers the cookies again. Guneet is double surprised. Nia is also in shock to see his acceptance towards Guneet and Randeep. Amber asks Guneet to inform him next time, so that he is aware of the dinner needs. Guneet tells him that Randeep comes after dinner. She asks Amber if he is fine or met with an accident, that he is behaving weird.

Nia asks Amber why isn’t he angry, is he fine or not. Amber loses his cool when they doubt on his calm behavior. He shouts for their sake and asks them if they are convinced that its him. Guneet wants him to stay the same. Amber feels happy that she smiled. Nia still doubts that he isn’t in senses. Amber lies that he is pitying Guneet since she is helpless. He hides the fact that he loves Guneet. Nia asks for cookies again. She tells him that the cookies have his love in it. Amber is too happy that his mission to make his love reach Guneet’s heart has started. He rushes to share the good news with his friend.

He tells that his idea worked, Guneet liked the cookies and is ready to stay back in his house. He isn’t sure that he should tell the truth to Guneet. Amber tells him that Pammi doesn’t leave from the house, he doesn’t get any chance to speak his feelings to Guneet. Amber plans a tour offer to boost his business. He thinks he should gift the same tour package to Pammi. Amber meets Pammi and clears the misunderstandings. He offers the tour proposal. He asks her to forget whatever happened and make a fresh start. He offers the package, to which she refuses. Guneet asks him about the package. He tells that Pammi will feel better if she goes to meet the people of her age, the tour may help her. He gives big discount as well.

Guneet wants Pammi to go and come. Pammi argues with her. Guneet asks her to move on. She is upset and tells hat she will go on the tour. Amber says its for senior citizens. Pammi asks Amber to go and take Guneet along. Guneet apologizes to Pammi. She plans to have an outing. Amber tells that package is not for two people. He convinces them and asks Pammi to take the package free. He just wants Pammi to get away from Guneet and his friendly time. He tells that he wanted to compensate for their fights. Pammi asks him if he is saying sorry. Amber apologizes to Pammi and makes her happy. Guneet receives many shocks. Pammi agrees to go. Amber and Guneet take a step ahead towards their friendship.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode Dad Ki Dulhan Me time for Amber Guneet: 5/5
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  1. Excellent show n d stars r so loveable except for nia’s so called boyfriend… His role is not at all justified… He just pops out of nowhere… Tat is silly… Otherwise the serial is just fab n is one of my favs


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