Beyhadh Dangerous Maya back Shocker for Rudra

Beyhadh Stunning Closure Maya weaponized for revenge

Beyhadh Dangerous Maya back Shocker for Rudra Maya decides to leave the house along with her mum. Mrityunjay asks Antara to apologize to Maya. Antara asks him to be thankful to her. She tells that they have got rid of Maya. She is sure to manage Rudra. He tells her that she will regret it if she doesn’t apologize. Rudra stops Maya and breaks his decision that he will accompany her, since he can’t live without her. He tells her that he will keep his vow of love. He tells his parents that he has taken responsibility of Maya’s happiness, he can’t let her go away. Antara begs him not to leave the house. Aditya asks Rudra not to leave the house. Rudra doesn’t change his decision.

He tells Maya that he will live with her at her place. Mrityunjay knew this would happen. Maya returns home and asks Nandini not to feel guilty of anyone. Maya dramatically welcomes Rudra to her house by planning his Grahpravesh rituals. Rudra isn’t surprised, since its expected from her to always give such shocks. She tells him that the relation should be of equality. They celebrate their togetherness. Rajeev is more than happy for them. Rudra fills colours in her room and changes the interiors. Maya enjoys the moments and makes new memories. Mrityunjay asks Antara not to poke her nose in the matter and let him handle Maya.

Maya finds Rudra asleep. She makes a call to Mrityunjay and threatens about killing Rudra. She tells that she can kill him. She tries to scare Mrityunjay who favoured Antara’s ego Mrityunjay is sure that she loves Rudra and can never harm him. She asks him to wait to see if her limitness love wins or her hatred. He asks her not to do anything to Rudra. She fills fear in his mind for his son. Mrityunjay decides to get them home. He makes legal papers for the purpose. Maya likes to play with his mind. Mrityunjay rages on Antara, and compels her to divorce him. He tells her that he has signed the papers and now she has to sign and end the relation.

Kumkum Bhagya Prachi unexpected move

He asks her to bring back Maya and Rudra home, if she wants their marriage to be safe. He tells that she didn’t let Rudra stay back, so she doesn’t deserve to live in his house. Antara apologizes to him. She begs him for another chance. She is ready to bring back Maya with an apology. Maya sends Rudra to his office. She awaits Mrityunjay’s reply to her plan. Maya hurts Antara on their meeting. She shows her psycho avatar. Ananya informs Aditya about Maya’s madness. He tells her that they have to show Maya’s insane side to Rudra. Ananya and Aditya make plans to trigger Maya’s anger and expose how dangerous she can become. Will Rudra learn Maya’s truth? Keep reading.

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