Kasautii New Season Komolika secret AnuPre meet

Kasautii New Season Komolika secret AnuPre meet

Kasautii New Season Komolika secret out AnuPre meet There are many new entries out of nowhere. Mohini’s eldest daughter and her children add up in the family. Also, there is a revelation that Diya is Komolika and Anurag’s daughter. Anurag and Komolika’s past opens up. Their secrets come out. Anurag goes to the airport to pick his elder sister Rakhi, and feels Prerna’s presence. He is much confused and then gets a hint from fate. Rakhi’s bag gets swapped with Prerna’s bag. Anurag happens to get a glimpse of Prerna, but doesn’t recognize her. He takes Rakhi’s bag. He speaks to Komolika and gets heard by Prerna. Prerna thinks its not the time to meet him still, since she will meet him in such a moment that he won’t get time to express the shock.

Prerna doesn’t turn to him and hides her identity. Anurag takes Rakhi to the Durga Maa pandal, decorated by Komolika. Mohini is much pleased with Komolika and accepted the evil Bahu, since she matches to her class and gave a grandchild as well. Mohini and Nivedita have no complains with Komolika, who completed the family by getting Diya in their lives. Everyone loves Komolika and admires her, as if they have forgotten Prerna’s existence. Rakhi meets her family and sons. She is more than happy to be with Basus after such a long time. Tapur and Nivedita share a bond of insecurity and comparison. Tapur doesn’t like Nivedita getting all the attention.

Anurag feels comfortable with Rakhi’s sons, whom he loves a lot. On the other hand, Prerna gets Kuki’s admission done in a reputed college. Principal tells Prerna that Kuki deserves to be in the college because of her amazing talents, the donation sent from Mr. Bajaj wasn’t needed. Prerna gets to know about the pandal and wants to go there. Kuki asks her to visit the pandal and come back soon. Veena has a stall in the pandal. Veena and Suman face humiliation because of Komolika. Komolika is much happy that she got rid of Prerna and became Basu’s bahu. Prerna happens to visit the same pandal.

There is another hit and miss between Anurag and Prerna. Anurag feels her around, but thinks it won’t be true. He thinks Prerna has gone too far and can never come back. He misses her and recalls the past, when he was threatened by Komolika and had to cheat Prerna. Komolika wants Anurag to accept her as wife. He denies to love her. He tells her that he got close to her while being intoxicated and made a mistake to accept her as his wife. He admits that Diya is their daughter. Komolika feels their marriage has accomplished because of Diya. He tells her that he will just love Prerna. He doesn’t want to do any drama.

Komolika reveals the big secret that she had used Viraj’s death video against Prerna and threatened to send her to jail. She had compelled Anurag to marry her if he had to save Prerna. She recalls the incident when she luckily got the video in some goon’s phone and used it to blackmail Anurag. She also revealed her true identity of Komolika to Anurag to scare him further. She had made Anurag cheat Prerna and break her belief on their love. She is happy that her plan worked well as she wanted.

Kundali Bhagya Karan bold denial

She has succeeded to win Anurag. Anurag had faked his hatred for Prerna just to save her from jail. He is ready to do anything for Prerna’s sake. He didn’t wish Komolika to kill Prerna. He knows Prerna is alive and somewhere far, safe and happy. He doesn’t realize that she has come back for revenge.

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  1. Anurag wanted to save prerna after that video, and he killed her just to keep komolica silent, can anyone understand this,
    To save her from going jail he killed her! What a joke

  2. I guess later it will be revealed that diya is not anurags kid, Even if in intoxiated state nothing happened beyween them and komolica faked it!

  3. This story keeps going circle. Anu married Komolika to save Prena then Prena married Bajaj to save Anu, then Anu married Komolika agin to save Prena kills her but thinks she’s alive, no storyline. I hope they never unite. Take this show off please

  4. To save Prerna you kill Prerna! Kya logic hai wah mazaa aa gaya???Bakc**** bhi koi isse sikhe! Maro bhai Maro mujhe koi!
    Aur mujhe pata Diya koi aur nahi Anurag aur Prerna ka baccha Sneha hi hoga! Kyunki Komo le jane ke baad uss bacche ka koi scene nahi dikhaya!!
    Bina dekhe script jaan lete hai hum!??
    Bandh karo ye cheap mindset wale serials bhai koi!

  5. ?????. Before Prena saved anurag nowwww back to square 1 anurag saved prena payback time ??? so next time it will be prena turn again what fuseless story. Don’t have anything to show. And yah can you change prena attire if she from bhenji to modern then you made mistake by re entering her in bhenji type oh boy ????
    End the story cause it’s going to be black mail and again prena will be coming back to save anurag from komolika

  6. This story is a bit complex and boring as well. All this drama was of no need. It’s all looking very fake. Please try showing things real mot all this crap. Makes no sense to anyone.


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