Shakti Sardarni Colors New Top 2 Highlights

Shakti Sardarni Colors New Top 2 Highlights

Shakti Sardarni Colors New Top 2 Highlights Ginni flees from the house. Harleen questions Meher about Ginni. Harleen and Robby get angry on Meher and blame her. Sarabjeet asks them why are they accusing Meher. Harleen tells that Meher is responsible for this. Harleen scolds her for trapping Ginni for their motives. She finds Kulwant greedy. Sarabjeet doesn’t think Meher is involved. He doesn’t want Harleen to give tension to Meher in her pregnancy. Harleen threatens to punish Meher and her family for the huge mistake. Meher gets worried by Harleen’s ultimatum. Harleen confronts Kulwant about Ginni. She reveals Meher’s message to Sarabjeet and tells that Meher has asked Ginni to run away. Sarabjeet is much hurt and leaves Meher at Kulwant’s house. He goes to find Ginni. Meher gets heartbroken.


Virat’s parents meet Heer’s family and lecture a lot, calling Heer characterless. They reveal Heer and Virat’s secret meetings. Preeto doesn’t believe them. Virat’s mum asks her to question Heer to know the truth. Heer is afraid to get her affair exposed. She admits that she had gone to meet Virat, since she loves him. Preeto doesn’t want her to get into any relationship. Heer defends her family. Preeto takes a stand for Heer to save her from Virat’s mum. Heer apologizes to Sant Vaksh. She tells that Virat is happy to marry the girl chosen by them.

She didn’t wish her friend to get into a forced marriage. Harak turns angry and slaps Heer, locking her in the house. He doesn’t want her to defame them. Preeto asks Heer not to rebel. She apologizes to Virat’s parents. Harak doesn’t want anyone to blame Heer alone. He asks Virat’s parents to control Virat first and then blame Heer. Harak beats up Heer’s brothers Rohan and Soham for failing in their responsibility. Preeto slaps Heer in rage. She doesn’t want Heer to disgrace the family. Harak gets sick, while Preeto supports him.

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Virat wants to meet Heer and confess love to her. Heer also wants to confess love to Virat. They decide to cross all the limits to meet. Harak gets into an argument with Soham, who questions about restricting Heer so much. Shanno unlocks Heer so that she also learns the truth of her identity. She finds the family fight happening. Rohan wants Soham to stop questioning Harak. Shanno gets happy when Harak reveals that Heer is a kinner. Virat meets Heer to confess love. They both confess love. Rohan and Soham bash him up and throw him out of the house. Heer cries for him.


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