YRKKH Naira to die Rishtey Pyaar Starplus Top 2

YRKKH Naira to die Rishtey Pyaar Starplus Top 2

YRKKH Naira to die Rishtey Pyaar Starplus Top 2 Naira gets an evidence from the hacker. She tells Kartik that they can now fight for justice. She wants to reopen the case. She tells that Javeri won’t be able to deny the evidence. Javeri learns about Naira collecting the evidence. Kartik and Naira have an emotional conversation in her dream sequence, where she feels she will be never seeing Kartik and Kairav again. She falls in Javeri’s trap and loses breath. She dreams of Kartik and Kairav, and getting away from them forever. She fears the final separation.

She feels someone wants to make her away from her family. She cries and looks for Kartik. She is too scared to realize that its not true. Naira struggles for her life. Kartik learns that Naira is missing. Kartik suspects that Javeri is behind her disappearance. Naira goes through a lot of problems, because of the court case. Trisha also learns about Naira and is worried for her life. She doesn’t want Naira to fall in any problem.

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Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke:

Mishti and Kuhu have a Golgappa challenge during the Holi celebrations. They get intoxicated and laugh. Nidhi also wants to compete with them and win. Kunal wants Kuhu to patch up with Mishti. He makes Ketki add laughing powder in the Golgappa water, but somehow it turns intoxicating. Nidhi and Jasmeet also undergo the same intoxication after competing like Mishti and Kuhu. Mishti hugs Kuhu and feels happy. Nidhi and Jasmeet too bring out their inner feelings and fight. Kunal wants to play holi with Kuhu and get coloured in her love. Everyone sings, dances, laughs, enjoys the most in the holi event. Abir and Kunal give a rocking performance, followed by Mishti and Kuhu.

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  1. YRHPK Holi is always exciting, this one will be different because Abir & Mishti are married, MishBir, and the drama between the sisters is increasing, can’t wait to what happens during the celebration!


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