Pragya Kumkum Bhagya Abhi Holi plans New twists

Kumkum Bhagyaa 14th July 2020 Pragya saves Ranbir

Pragya Kumkum Bhagya Abhi Holi plans New twists Aaliya tries to contact Abhi and tell about Ranbir’s engagement. She learns that he is coming home for the Holi function. She wants to tell him that Rhea has locked her up in the room since the engagement has broken her down. She seeks help from Meera. She asks her to pack up Rhea’s bags. Meera wants to know why. Aaliya tells her that Abhi is coming home tomorrow. Meera is glad that he is coming. Aaliya doesn’t want Abhi to see Rhea’s disturbed state. Ranbir and family are much upset for his engagement. Prachi returns home and shares her sorrow with Pragya.

She tells about Ranbir and Maya’s engagement. She reveals that Dimple went for shooting and didn’t come on time. Prachi tells that she had gone there and tried her best to stop the engagement. Pragya learns the entire scenario. Prachi sinks in guilt. She feels sorry that Ranbir’s life is ruined. Pragya asks about Chobey’s reaction. Sarita tells that Chobey invited them for Holi, they have to go and stop Ranbir’s marriage. Pragya doesn’t want to go for Holi function. Prachi tells Sarita that Pragya never celebrates Holi. Pragya misses Abhi and stays upset. Kohlis inform Aaliya about Chobey’s compulsion.

Abhi learns the matter and calls Vikram. Vikram is upset that Abhi didn’t reach for help. He vents his frustration on Abhi. Ranbir tells that he got engaged. Ranbir reacts silly. They don’t want Ranbir to marry Maya. Abhi asks Vikram to calm down and listen to his plan. He assures Ranbir that they will get him married to his lover. Abhi tells that he already spoke to Aaliya. He tells that he was busy in helping someone and planning to return home.

He asks Vikram not to go to Chobey’s house and invite him for the Holi function. Abhi tells that he won’t play Holi, he will just meet Chobey’s family to rectify the problem. Abhi also wants to stay away from the colours, when Pragya isn’t in his life. He misses Pragya a lot and recalls her.

He wants to meet her. Abhi and Pragya long for each other. They wish they could meet. They planned to play Holi when they are together once again. They think if that such will come again in their lives. Vikram doesn’t want to call Chobey. He asks Ranbir to invite Chobey and convince him. Ranbir tells that his friends are coming in the Holi party, he doesn’t want any mess. He doesn’t want to call Maya or her dad.

Pallavi tells that she will call Chobey and invite him. Vikram doesn’t want Pallavi to talk to them. Vikram asks Aaliya to keep Aryan safe, else Chobey will get him married forcibly to some girl. Pallavi requests Chobey to come over for the Holi party. Chobey asks her to let the party happen at his place. She tells that she had invited all her relatives for the party, she wanted to introduce Maya to them.

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She convinces him cleverly. Chobey agrees to come for the party at Kohlis. Pallavi gets glad that he got caught in her drama. Ranbir calls Prachi and invites her for the Holi party at his place. He tells that Abhi is coming, he will fix everything. He asks Prachi to get her family along. Prachi is upset. Sarita asks her to convince Pragya for the party, by telling that Ranbir’s problem is her problem.

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