Shakti Heer Virat rebel for love Amber Guneet Upcoming

Colors Shakti Lovers battle Virat Heer declaration

Shakti Heer Virat rebel for love Amber Guneet Upcoming Amber and Guneet are on the journey to search Pammi. Amber takes a wrong route and comes to the blocked way. Guneet gets upset with him. Amber tells her that they will search Pammi and asks her not to worry. Guneet gets stressed and worried for Pammi, but Amber tries to lower her tension. They sit in the jeep again to go to the location. Soon, it turns dark, they stop the jeep and get down. They begin talking. Guneet tells Amber that it is her mistake that she doesn’t have the intelligence to identify the people and that she trusts everyone. She says nothing can happen with me.

Amber says God shall not let anything of that sort happen again, and asks her not to lose hope. Guneet asks what do you mean? Amber comes near her and tells that if you change then who will make oldies have kheer, who will handle the father stricken daughters. Guneet asks what is the matter, how did you change so much suddenly. Amber is about to confess her that he is her inline chat friend.


Virat makes Heer swear on him and asks her to tell that she loves him. He asks her to just tell him once and asks her not to get scared. Heer confesses to love Virat in front of everyone shocking Harak Singh, Preeto and others. Soham hits Virat while Preeto pushes Heer inside to separate her from Virat.

Soham and Rohan take Virat out. Heer tells Preeto that she loves Virat and shouts calling his name. Mahi and Shanno take her inside her room. Virat and Heer’s love story begins. Harak Singh and Preeto are shocked and thinks their fear is coming true, Heer is walking on Soumya’s footsteps.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhari:
King of Bharatpur and his Queen come to Radhe’s house. King asks where is our ancestral Royal Crown? He asks who showed the courage to steal it? Gudiya tells that she lost it. Queen says you will get rigorous punishment now. Sarla asks her not to punish Gudiya and tells that she has stolen the crown. Pappu says I had stolen it, why shall they get punished. Nanhe says truth is that I have stolen it. Queen says she will call the special force to enquire about the crown and says this is the only way. They call the special force to track the thief who has stolen the crown.

Kundali Bhagya Sherlyn Mahesh face off Preeran romance

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